Xiaomi Phone Wifi Problem: My experience with it and workaround

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I keep facing the problem of my Xiaomi phone Wifi not connecting to saved hotspots. This has happened mostly with my home hotspot, but it has happened with other hotspots as well.

My Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro is a superb smartphone. It falls within the category of smartphones called budget flagships. It has a top grade camera, excellent performance, and is dropdead gorgeous. But it has one problem: many times, the Wifi refuses to connect to my personal hotspot.

This is a problem that has gone on for as long as I can remember since getting the phone. I turn on the wifi to connect to my home hotspot, and my Xiaomi phone just won’t connect. I attempt a manual connect, I see it make the attempt, and then it just stops trying.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro on wooden bench

At pother times, after multiple manual attempts, it pops up a password interface to ask for the password of the same hotspot that I have saved on it and have used with it countless times.

I am not sure what the cause of this Wifi problem is, but there has been no permanent solution to it. Turning off the phone’s Wifi and turning it back on does not help in any way – not even temporarily. Software updates have not fixed it. Soft resets have not solved it. I have not attempted a hard reset yet, because I do not think the problem is worth the trouble of setting up the phone all over again.

The only thing that has helped fix the problem, albeit temporarily, has been turning on Airplane Mode for a few moments and then turning it off. Whenever I do that, the Wifi automatically connects to the hotspot without further hassle.

Xiaomi phone WiFi not connecting

But like I have said, I havent found a permanent solution to the problem because it is only a matter of time again before I have to repeat that intervention to get it to connect.

It is quite grating having to toggle Airplane Mode every now and then. My laptop connects to the home hotspot without issues. Other devices around the house do so too. The problem isn’t the hotspot itself. This problem is from Xiaomi. Perhaps MIUI 11 and 12 have a bug.

As a matter of fact, I experience this problem of my Xiaomi phone Wifi not working even when I use other hotspots – at the workplace and elsewhere.

I ran a Google search and found out that users of other Xiaomi phones also experience the same problem. None of them have found a permanent solution to this problem of the Xiaomi phone not connecting to Wifi hotspot.

At this point, I have lost hope for a permanent solution. It looks like I shall have to keep managing the Mi Note 10 Pro like that. Which is a bloody shame. It is such a superb smartphone.

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