1. Harry Echemco

    Yeah, that's really some performance there. Except someone makes a lot of voice calls probably likes watching videos a lot and maybe also playing music, it would be difficult to run the battery before each days activities. And even with videos, maybe 2 to 4 hours of video will still not drain the battery before the days activities are over.

    That's truly impressive.

  2. EyeBeeKay

    it is surely a relief to have a device that you can use with almost no consideration for battery life.

    If you are on the move a lot, away from power outlets, this is THE device you want to be caught with, DEAD!

  3. igbavbuman

    Yomi are you serious!!!!.You mean it lasted for 12 hours plus heavy usage!!. I have just found my new year present as far as mobile phone is concerned. Samsung this is the phone actually meant for humans the rest are pretenders to the throne.

  4. Belushi

    You pick up this device, then ,say bye bye to keeping a watch on your battery life. There is just no need.

    • Anonymous

      The battery life only in the Huawei some devices
      like ascend mate 1&2 get and all of battery's that technology are li_polimer &li_lon_poly

  5. kiamin

    Poo ooh year as a. 3 day is I have a note n9000
    and love it .It's problem only is battery.
    and lo so so think about that.at lost I root that
    and I edit cpu frequent to 100th to save battery


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