Behold the new Nokia 3310: Nokia 105

If asked what I think of the Nokia 105, a cheap feature phone announced at MWC 2013, I would simply describe it as the new Nokia 3310. Here is a basic mobile with a nice durable build, colour display, a user interface that resembles what we saw on the Nokia N9, and a battery that lasts and lasts. Nokia claims that it gives you up to 12.5 hours of talk time and a standby of up to 35 days.

Nokia 105

The 105 has no internet connectivity, but includes 8MB space, a Digital clock, Calculator, Flashlight, Clock, Calendar, Phonebook, Converter, Speaking clock, Expense manager, Alarm clock, and FM Radio. It also includes Nokia Life, an SMS-based service that gives you access to information, e.g. healthcare and education, without the need of an internet connection.

Nokia 105 costs only $20. That is about N3,200 here in Nigeria.

In a world where its easy to ignore anything that isn’t a smartphone, it might sound cool to scoff at the Nokia 105. But I am convinced that this baby will sell like hotcakes. As a matter of fact, I shall be getting one. The house phone has needed a replacement for a while. Think of a cheap phone that can handle the abuse of two pre-teen kids when dad and mom are away from home, and you can only agree with me that this is its replacement.

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5 comments on “Behold the new Nokia 3310: Nokia 105”

  1. martinkem Reply

    What's with 8MB space, no internet connectivity, USB data, memory card, what does one do with the space.

    I need a spare phone but not this one, I could go with an regular Asha (can't decided between one with a keyboard or touchscreen).

  2. Nanpon Gambo Reply

    For the price range and being that its not 'China,' the phone will be a runaway success in Nigeria with good marketing to back it up. Now that you mentioned it, this would really be a good house phone and would appeal to people in the rural areas.

  3. jujukemist Reply

    for that amount,you get a dual sim internet ready,palm chat,long lasting battery.
    But you see, the issue here is aggressive marketing.There so many things people dont know are possible these days.Like buying a new cellphone for 2k. This NOKIA will sell,because of the standby time. I am still curious though,as to why NOKIA keep missing the high ground of Dual sim selling point.NOKIA why? you will keep losing the feature phone segment

  4. bosun99uk Reply

    The price is not bad at all.

    I like the flash light and buttery life.


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