1. What's with 8MB space, no internet connectivity, USB data, memory card, what does one do with the space.

    I need a spare phone but not this one, I could go with an regular Asha (can't decided between one with a keyboard or touchscreen).

  2. Nanpon Gambo

    For the price range and being that its not 'China,' the phone will be a runaway success in Nigeria with good marketing to back it up. Now that you mentioned it, this would really be a good house phone and would appeal to people in the rural areas.

  3. jujukemist

    for that amount,you get a dual sim internet ready,palm chat,long lasting battery.
    But you see, the issue here is aggressive marketing.There so many things people dont know are possible these days.Like buying a new cellphone for 2k. This NOKIA will sell,because of the standby time. I am still curious though,as to why NOKIA keep missing the high ground of Dual sim selling point.NOKIA why? you will keep losing the feature phone segment


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