Nokia 6 (2018) Specifications: All You Need To Know

This page provides detailed info about Nokia 6 (2018) specifications, features and price.. Nokia 6(2018) is an incremental upgrade from the original Nokia 6 that was launched last year. The physical design is similar, with slight modifications here and there. There is no edge-to-edge display though the bezels are noticeably thinner, and there is no […]

Nokia 9 Specifications, Features and Price

This page provides specifications, features, and price of Nokia 9. Nokia 9 is a highly anticipated flagship from HMD Global, not because the Nokia 8 is unimpressive (it is), but perhaps the latter just does not fit into the fashion of 2018. Nokia 9 fixes that with an edge-to-edge (bezel-less design. The Nokia 8 successor […]

Nokia 2 Specifications and Phone Price

Nokia 2 specifications: The Nokia 2 is official and it isn’t a bad package at all for the price. There are not many smartphones in that price range with Gorilla Glass screen protection. Nokia 2 also packs 4G LTE, a massive 4100 mAh battery, an 8 megapixel rear camera and a 5 megapixel selfie camera, […]

Nokia 7 has bothie, a glass back and is splash proof

Nokia 7 carries a Zeiss-branded camera, has a 7000 series Aluminum frame, a Gorilla Glass glass back, and is splash proof. It has the binaural Nokia OZO recording and the dual-sight “bothie” function that lets you capture and stream photos/video from both front and back cameras at the same time, from its bigger brother the […]

The New Nokia 105 2017

It looks like 2017 is a year of Nokia remakes. We have seen the new Nokia 3310 2017. And now, the new Nokia 105 2017 has been announced by HMD Global. This is not the first Nokia 105. The first was launched 4 years ago. There is no listing of any camera for the new […]

Nokia 3 Specifications, Price, and Availability

The Nokia 3 belongs to the first set of Android-powered Nokia smartphones. Others in that category include Nokia 5 and Nokia 6. Nokia 3 is the most basic model, offering specifications a little below what the Nokia 5 offers. It runs stock Android 7 OS too. This budget 4G LTE smartphone has an aluminium frame […]