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Create Amazing Collages with Photo Grid HD


If you enjoy photography and also love to play around with the results of your shooting sprees, a collage of a number of your photographs is a great idea. A form of art in which various materials such as photographs and pieces of paper or fabric are arranged and stuck to a backing. In this context, the collage involves arranging a number of pictures together in various patterns.

Photo Grid HD is a free Android app that does that for you.

The app let’s you browse through your gallery to pick the images that you want to use.

Select Collection

The next menu displays the pictures that you have selected. The option to remove from or add to the collection is available.


You can change the layout of the collage from a horizontal menu at the bottom of the display or by shaking the phone.

Collage Preview

When done, the results can be saved in 720P or 1024P quality.

Exporting Collage results

The results are saved to a folder named Photo Grid in your gallery.

Photo Grid HD is a fun app with a good deal of utility to offer. Now, you can jazz up your photo album or profile pictures with amazing collages. Download Photo Grid HD from Google Play Store.


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Mister Mobility has owned over 130 mobile devices across Symbian, Palm, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Android, webOS, iOS, Windows Phone and Firefox operating systems. His current collection includes BlackBerry Passport, Nokia Lumia 830 Gold and TECNO Phantom 5. He is on Twitter at @Moverick, on LinkedIn at YomiAdegboye, on Instagram, and circle him on Google+.

0 comments on “Create Amazing Collages with Photo Grid HD”

  1. eye_bee_kay Reply

    Really learning on this blog!

    Do ADULTs deal in "collages"? (* shocked *)

    First time I heard of that word was from my daughter in KinderGarten, years ago. (Homework involving "collage!")

    Obviously, I am artistically challenged. The challenge is to challenge myself on this deficiency!

  2. koweiszki Reply

    thanks man... d app is awesome. but d 9pix max thing is annoying & a letdown


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