Is Internet Addiction Becoming A Fast Growing Problem?

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    Addiction is a very strong force that attached someone greatly to something , as human we are very open to get addicted to so many things , like i have seen people get addicted to alcohol , smoking , even working and lot’s of very negative things .
    But have you ever thought we could be getting very addicted to the internet? ,is it a fast growing problem to be concerned about?, that’s a very very important question you should ask yourself.

    As of today the internet has become so essential that we can’t seem to get enough of it , it has become a part of our lives as we can’t go a day without reaching to it.

    We Google every now and then to find answers to questions , check our mails , create a website and communities online , reach out to friends and strangers , it has become so part of us has we feel its mandatory. Although the internet has played great role in boosting our businesses , its also gradually taking over us.

    Have you ever thought what would happen when we cannot depart from it? because every minute we’re up on our pc’s screen or our cell phone’s and we hardly pay attention to significant things around us, our social life gradually dying .We can hardly get the internet out of our head and pay attention to our friends, families and mates relationships as it is currently being affected by the internet , as we feel the internet gives us more fun and entertainments.

    Is this addiction something to worry about? yes of course because as relationship are being breached right now, due to internet talking the place , what happens when the internet is not there anymore? or during hard times and pains/illness , we will become very lonely and depressed .

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