We have a new evil empire!

Lets make no mistake about this peeps, THIS APPLE WIN WILL SERIOUSLY STIFLE INNOVATION!

Do lets cast our minds back to 2000-4, when Microsoft ruled the roost. Everybody that went up against Microsoft LOST: do the names Novell, Netscape, Lotus, RealNetworks and Sun ring a bell? Yup. They were all strong-armed by Microsoft.

Fast-forward 10 years, and we see a new evil empire, one that has over $40bn (make that $41bn after the lawsuit) and with dwindling market share, will do ANYTHING to protect its market share!

Another well kept secret is the totally unfair charges being levied by Apple for software sales on its app store, where they take a whopping 30% of the revenues made on software sales including magazine subscriptions! On the Android side, its less than 20%.

So what will happen going forward is this: all Android competitors (ACER, HTC, LG, LENOVO, TOSHIBA, ASUS etc), will simply avoid Apple. Once the evil empire decides its going to launch a 7-inch ipad for instance, the competition will simply leave the space for them… It is far better than getting sued for all your profits!

As we speak, all the Android vendors are scared because they all know what is coming next: a fullscale thermonuclear initiative against Android. Guess Google foresaw this which made them rush to buy up Motorola Mobility patents. But with this landmark precedent under Apple’s belt, anything that remotely resembles a touchscreen phone or tablet with icons and a swipe screen, is fair game.

So the sooner we all buy iPads and iPhones, the better!



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