12% of moms featured in a recent survey admit to having used their phones during sex. I don’t get it, but if it is true

12% of moms use their mobile phone during sex?

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12% of moms featured in a recent survey admit to having used their phones during sex.

I don’t get it, but if it is true that some women really use their phone during sex, that must be some awfully terrible sex. Either the dads are super lame (and their women should go find real men) or the moms are deadwood (and their men should discard them ASAP). Something is certainly wrong somewhere.

Dear Lord! Have mercy!! What would those moms be using their phones for while getting some? Updating Twitter or Facebook status? Sending a text or BBM message? Or chatting with their girlfriends about their latest purchases? My usually unlimited imagination fails me on this one.

I can imagine that the other 88% of women are shocked as I am to hear that some members of their specie are involved in such shocking behaviour.



  1. I can imagine that the other 88% of women are shocked as I am to hear that some members of their specie are involved in such shocking behaviour.

    Now we know! MISTER Mobility is a WOMAN (“shocked “)

    SIRIously- while driving we often also multitask. We talk, eat and read newspapers in ttaffic

    it is all about being EFFICIENT! Y naught?

  2. Truth is many House Wives don’t value sex the same way their Hobbies do. Many women find their Children and what they would wear or eat, or the latest gossips with pals more compelling than having sex with hobby. There isn’t any need fretting over this! Or why do you think many married men keep mistresses? Is it just because they HAVE to? Or it is because they do not get what they want at home?

    Such behaviours puzzle me. But I think that it is the norm and not the exception.

  3. @fewgoodmen, truth is that many men don’t value their wives and sex as they ought to. Notice it said “Moms”, which I interpret to mean the one who is responsible for the household tasks and family management. I can bet you any money that where this is true, the communication between the couple is extremely poor (and I’m being polite here). As for men keeping mistresses, they do because we live in a society where it’s ok for these things to happen. We make excuses for men’s behaviour and blame the women for wanting to gossip and shop – I wonder why they’d do this if they are happy and content with their husbands and family?

    If a couple know each other’s worth and the lines of communication are open, there’s no way she’d be using her phone during sex. Note so-called surveys like this never tell you the amount of men doing the same (and please don’t tell me it’s not possible). Skewed and selective reporting.

  4. (
    Multi-tasking of this sort in bed??? I just dont get it

    Get this; moms are VERY busy. They need to use the time WASTED in bed optimally!

  5. I took the liberty to check the “source” link given and I find this:

    “Of the 1,041 women questioned, more than one in five (21%) confessed to using their phones in the bathroom, and a further 12% say they’ve used it during sex.”

    So I take it to mean we are talking about women (single, married, divorced etc). Mom in the context of this article then refers to the female gender. One needs to be clear on this if we are to get the real drift of this article.

    Now to my comment:
    Why not? What is wrong if anyone, male or female uses the mobile during such intimate period. Am sure Mr Mobility or any of us would not be so shocked if we had realized that the cellphone has become so many things to so many people. Have we forgotten that cellphones have the ability to play videos? The 12% we refer to could have been busy watching err… “those kind of videos” that actually enhances and heighten their responsiveness at the time.

    If anyone thinks I am wrong, (this may be considered rude or invasion of privacy), just grab a lady’s phone and check the videos she has. I bet over 60% will have at least one erotic or downright pornographic video.

    Exploring this topic further might get us into the borderline of what is err… considered printable and what is not.

  6. @deoladoctor – I’m sure there are more men with porno on their phones than women. Oh wait…I’m sure that survey is yet to be done!

  7. Well, I have used my smartphone while receiving fellatio during the first few minutes.

    And I think we shouldn’t be too quick to judge the women using their phones during sex. I bet that most times, the phones are used during the first few minutes of sex, while her body is taking time to reach its peak.

  8. I’m wondering what the 12% men are doing while the women are using the phone???the lack of RESPECT shld be the main issue.

  9. Let me say first,that this survey,hence this contribution is gender biased! worse still is how the men (some) attempted to villify the sisters.gosh! am apauled.we know,that men carry more porn on thier phones than the babes.infact the number is minute. so why the misrepresentation?
    weak men,men with twisted knowledge of marriage endup collecting misstreses to cover thier failures.a woman is meant to be tended like a garden.all you need to do is customise your gardening.
    to insuniuate that women r unresponsi

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