4 best Cheapest Smartphones you can buy in 2015

A time comes when you’re suddenly in need of a new phone – a smartphone. Maybe your device was stolen and you need something cheap to hold the fort temporarily. A younger niece or cousin is asking you for a smartphone gift. Any situation at at all where you find yourself need in a capable uber-cheap smartphone to buy, below is a list you should consider:

1.) Innjoo Halo

Innjoo Halo

The Innjoo Halo currently tops the list as the cheapest high specced smartphone you can buy. It comes with 5-inch screen, running Android Lollipop an most notably comes with a 3200 mAh battery. See the full specs sheet HERE.

2.) Gionee M2 Mini


Also known as Gionee P2M in some markets,this is a younger sibling to the bigger Gionee M2. It come with a 4-inch screen, runs Android Lollipop and also carries a huge 3000 mAh battery. See the full specs sheet HERE.

3.) Microsoft Lumia 430 Dual


If you want something else other that Android, then you should try the Microsoft Lumia 430 Dual SIM. Performance on this device is awesome, and Microsoft has promised it a Windows 10 upgrade. In our review, I called it the King of the Pawns. See the full specs sheet HERE.

4.) TECNO Y3


The TECNO Y3 is another ultra cheap Android device you can buy. Virtually the cheapest in this list. It comes with 512 MB RAM, 2 MP camera, and 8 GB internal storage See the full specs sheet HERE.

If there’a another phone that should make the list, don’t hesitate to point it to us.

Note: All the phones above don’t cost more than N14,000


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By Etoniru Chibueze

Chibueze is an award-winning gadget reviewer and geek. He loves research, while living and breathing tech. You can reach him on Facebook, Twitter ,OR LinkedIn

8 replies on “4 best Cheapest Smartphones you can buy in 2015”

this is the definition of entry level, unless you use your smartphone like a dumb phone ie calls, texts and little browsing you shouldn’t buy bottom drawer smartphones. wouldn’t touch any of these “smartphones” with a 10 ft pole

Like Elroy said, there comes a time when a smallie niece or cousin starts asking for a phone gift. This is just the perfect article to run to when another smallie comes knocking.

I thought infinix had d cheapest phones though. Never knew lumia was even on that list.

Sometimes 3WT, that’s basically what some people would want to do. And maybe use WhatsApp. In that sense, these phones are useful for those looking for a “basic” smartphone.

What about the Opsson Genesis X Mini? It’s got a bigger screen & more compact than the Gionee P2M albeit with a smaller battery.

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