Ntel, the new brand taking over from the old NITEL/Mtel, will be launching telecoms services in Nigeria this month – and it will be deploying

4 reasons why you would consider an 0804 line

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Ntel, the new brand taking over from the old NITEL/Mtel, will be launching telecoms services in Nigeria this month – and it will be deploying the 0804 numbering system that Mtel once used. The question is, Why would you ever consider getting an 0804 line in 2015? Here are four reasons we came up with:


1. If that 0804 line gives you dirt cheap voice and SMS tariffs.

2. If an 0804 line gives you 1TB of data for N1,000 monthly (Yes; we are reaching. At least, we didn’t say “unlimited internet”).

3. If an 0804 line gives you national broadband internet coverage.

4. If an 0804 line gives you excellent customer support.

We have tried to speak out on your behalf. Perhaps we left something out. Are there any other things that Ntel can offer to make you switch to 0804? Tell us!


  1. I believe this company should not associate with NITEL. Why can’t they come on a fresh platform and acquire their own license and other requirements? Why must they use 0804?
    Come out fresh and let’s see what you got!

  2. If they offer free daytime intra-network calls on a week-day or weekends.

    That will win me over

  3. Not exactly sure what you mean by not associating with Nitel.

    The company paid for Nitel’s licenses and network. Why would it be better to start building infrastructure 1 mast at a time? What advantage would that give u in a market that has established operators that have over 10 years headstart?

    What exactly is wrong with Nitel’s facilities and licenses?

    Or u just prefer the sentimentality of letting Nitel rot away whilst someone throws his millions of dollars away trying to start a GSM company?

  4. Price

    That’s all.

    I don’t need voice calls…just cheap, stable and fast data

  5. I believe they acquired not just the NITEL /Mtel brand name but also its extensive nationwide infrastructure and facilities,being at least 10 years late to the party that’s the only realistic way for them to compete at this point in time,pumping in billions of dollars just so they can start afresh when they can leverage on what’s already on ground certainly makes no sense to me..

  6. The more the better,as the competition gets fiercer we the consumers are the winners,cheaper call rates,better and cheaper data plans,I ain’t complaining..

  7. i had a Nitel line back in the day, they had the best call rates and voice quality was superb (at least in my locale). if it’s possible to get my old number back, i would, for sentimental reasons

  8. probably not, but they probably don’t plan to run with infrastructure from a decade ago, especially if they plan to roll out LTE

  9. Most of the infrastructures are probably outdated by now but I believe the core facilities and especially the vast nation wide broadband fibre optics cable are still intact and this is what they will be hoping to take advantage of..

  10. Lol, how will they now make money?

    How long will it take them to break even with this proposal of yours?

  11. They should offer a tariff for a voice bundle that includes a certain number of minutes to any network. I’m surprised this is so difficult for our networks to do in this day and age.

    If they do that they can start a voice tariff war!

  12. I’d rather have 1GB for 1k that won’t be throttled than 1TB. Who in the world offers a Terabyte for that kind of price?

  13. I came across an old Mtel Sim recently. If I could recover that line it would be great. Maybe that’s an option that should be available for old Nitel/MTel customers – trade in your old Sim for a spanking new one on 4G

  14. Fast cheap internet everywhere I go.. . N am hooked.. Then u can like to throw in cheap calls too

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