4 Special Features of the LG Optimus L4 II Dual E445

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The LG E445 is a dualSIM Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean smartphone, has a 3.8 inch display of 320 x 480 pixels only, and runs the Optimus 3.0 user interface. For the most part, Android is Android. However, there are a number of features that set the E445 apart for me. Here they are:

1] Theme Support

Yes; the E445 supports themes and comes with four pre-installed ones: Optimus, Biz, Cozywall, and Mashmallow. The last one on the list is my favourite. Theme support is not something that you will find on the average Android smartphone. Here is what the Mashmallow theme looks like:

You can see how the themes modify the icons and user interface. Plus, even when you pick a theme, you can also still choose a custom wallpaper to tweak it further to your taste.

2] Guest Mode

Guest Mode allows you to create a second password for guests to unlock your phone and have access to pictures, videos or any other content of your choice. You are able to preset the apps that guests have access to in Guest Mode. I have provided access to only camera, music, phone, FM Radio, calculator and alarm clock in Guest Mode. So, when someone asks for my phone, I enter the second password and it gives them access to only those apps from the home screen. No access to my emails, notes or anything else. Here is what my Guest Mode looks like:

Yes; no access to apps drawer. No access to the dropdown menu. No access to settings. Just the apps you see in the screenshot above (or whichever you provide access to). Very foolproof and child-friendly. every modern smartphone should have something like this – and so easily implemented too.

Did I hear you say, “Bravo”? Exactly.

3] QuickMemo

QuickMemo is a feature that lets the user scribble or draw on the display and save or share with others. It is a very handy way to take down a quick note at anytime and while using any part of the phone. Use your finger on the screen and you are good to go. Who needs a stylus? There are different pen types and colours. There is an eraser too. Very handy and fun tool.

Here is an example of a QuickMemo:

Here is another (in this one, you can see the top toolbar that gives you access to toggle memo modes, select pen type and colour, select eraser, as well as share or save your finished note):

4] The 4th Button

Actually, this is the Quick Switch Dual SIM hot key. Tapping it toggles between active SIMS for initiating phone calls or sending text messages. I do find myself tapping it too often in error. But handy, all the same.

The above features make the LG E445 a delight to use. I assume that all new LG smartphones with the Optimus 3.0 UI will have the software fetures, and that all dualSIM LG smartphones will have the Switch Hot Key too.


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  1. Yeah, the Guest Mode is great for those times a stranger would want to examine your phone or simply when you don’t want the person to have access to all your files and apps. And yes I believe the software features will be coming to all their recent Android smartphones as I’ve already seen it on the LG G2.

    The Quick Memo is equally great as well as the 4th button. LG keep making improvement in their UI and the overall UX of their Android phone. I just hope to see them really challenging Samsung rather than keep emulating them.

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