Mr. Robot is a TV series lots of people recommended. They say it’s dope, its deep, a must watch for every techie out there, so

5 things I learnt from watching Mr. Robot

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Mr. Robot is a TV series lots of people recommended. They say it’s dope, its deep, a must watch for every techie out there, so I gave in, downloaded and watched it. These are the five things I learnt after gliding through the first season in less that 72 hours. 😛


Every geek has his demons

The main character here (pictured above) Mr. Elliot, super geek has his demons. If it were in Nigeria, his folks would’ve probably taken him to the nearby church for prayers and deliverance. He lost himself. Deep thinking, revolving around his work, hate for the society, and doing good (with his hacks).

He speaks to himself more than often. Conversing with people in his imaginations, sometimes it’s so real he can’t differentiate dreams from reality.

Mine isn’t that bad abeg 😀 Though I tend to forget things from time to time 🙄 Can you believe this dude forgot himself and tried to kiss his sister? 😯

Every geek must study

This one is a fact. Before you start tweaking or hacking anything, you have to understand how that thing works. This is applicable to all computer nerds, and it is only achieved by days and nights of endless study. One time, my guy was coerced into hacking into a prison. He had to go study the prison network and some other technicalities before he achieved the feat.

The average computer user is still easily hacked

Despite all the clamor, cries and sensitization for data security, the average Joe out there is easily hacked. They all use simple (easily predictable) passwords. On the show, our geek hacked the accounts of all the people close to him. From this, he knew everything about them, their in and outs, and basically all their secrets.

Ok haven’t hacked anyone yet, :mrgreen: Who knows, maybe Mr. Mo? *runs away*

Social media has its woes.

Oh yes!! This is exactly a case of our people and how they use social media inappropriately. Updates like:

  • Just woke up!! Ajegunle tinz !!
  • Headed to work from Oshodi.
  • Chilling in traffic, Yaba.
  • Eko Hotel V.I chilling on point lol

People reveal too much personal information on social media without knowing it’s repercussions. Some even go farther by sharing their locations. Abeg who send you message? 😡

One time on the show, a drug dealer regularly tweeted about all his dealings (though he used cryptic words). It then became part of evidence used to arrest him. People, mind how you update on social media.

Anything is possible if you work together as a team

They envisioned it, and it came to pass. Our hacker, his team and a group of other hackers (based in China) carefully planned and simultaneously attacked five data centers of a big organisation. They encrypted and destroyed all of their data. I’m not sending you to go on a hacking spree on say MTN or Google 😛

Point is, if you work with a team in which everyone is dedicated, you sure can achieve great things. Cheers


  1. Great, I’ve watched the show myself.. It’s a brilliant TV series..

    For those who haven’t watched it yet you might have included SPOILER ALERT just in case

  2. Nice piece…but I think you left out how loneliness, self-inflicted or not, affects the best of us. I think the show shines proper light, not just on the techie side of hacking but the emotional side of hackers in their daily lives: how they live with family, friends and colleagues. Great show IMO. Expecting big things of Season 2…

  3. Sounds boring to me. More like a derailed hacker going on a glory chase. Like you aptly said, he needs deliverance… Mountains of fire or CCC should be able to handle his case.

  4. It’s one of those things on my peripheral. As it is, I can just about manage Extant. I’m not a fan of tv serials apart from CSI (I like a beginning, middle and end in one episode).

  5. It got to a point I practically had to force myself to continue watching Extant!

    Mr Robot may make more sense

  6. Nope, I just don’t have the patience to follow a drawn out storyline.

    Sat – well, stood – and watched the first episode of Mr Robot. This guy doesn’t have demons, he has serious social and mental health issues (I’d say somewhere on the Autism spectrum, with bipolar elements and a sprinkle of ADHD). This is like the 21st century equivalent of the 20th century anti-social computer geek except he isn’t fat with a ponytail in a Star Wars T-Shirt.

  7. My favourite part is the part about private information and social media. I have always been wary of that.

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