There are Flash sales in Jumia Wednesday this week. You have the opportunity to purchase our mobile phone at a super discounted price, up to 50% off….

Up to 50% off, LEAGOO and Jumia Mobile Week Flash Sales

There are Flash sales in Jumia Wednesday this week. You have the opportunity to purchase our mobile phone at a super discounted price, up to 50% off. There is a limited number of buyers per day.


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Presale Campaign Time:
23th Mar 7:00am and 9:00am


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M9 and T5c jumia flash sales


leagoo M9 first splash

Official Video:

LEAGOO M9 Highlight:

1, Highly Immersive Visual Experience

LEAGOO M9 features a 5.5 inch IPS display covered by Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3. By adopting the latest full-screen design and ultra-thin bezel, M9 will definitely deliver the most immersive visual experience. With IPS technology, M9 makes images more vivid and gives you a bigger viewing angle, offering true-to-life color reproduction and giving a most impressive display performance. What’s more, M9 adopts more advanced multi-touch panel technology. A total of five touch points are supported to achieve perfect touch experience.

1280*640(18:9)IPS1200:1>415cd/m2Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3.5 points
ResolutionDisplayContrast RatioBrightnessScreenTouch Screen

leagoo M9 5.5 inch display

2, Quad Camera, Quad Amazement

Fueled with quad cameras, the M9 takes stunning shots rich in light, color and detail, satisfying your every need for selfie and photography.

leagoo M9 quad camera

5MP + 2MP Front Dual Camera + Flash LED
LEAGOO M9’s excellent front dual front camera can enhance your look in every possible way from brightening your skin texture and sharpening your face shape, etc. to show the best of you.

5MP + 2MP

Dual Front Camera




Pixel Size

leagoo M9 capture your beauty

8MP + 2MP Rear Dual Camera + Dual Flash LED
With more light absorbed and more clarity, the 8MP + 2MP dual rear camera captures life magical moments in its vivid details to inspire your inner photographer. You can expect image quality and rendering power that every photo fanatic deserves from a phone.

8MP + 2MP

Dual Rear Camera




Pixel Size

leagoo M9 fast precise vivid

3, Hold Small, See Big

The latest 18:9 design and 80% screen-to-body ratio offers LEAGOO M9 a more comfortable grip and unobstructed display experience. It ensures a more wide view without coming out a larger phone. So indulging yourself in a bigger view that still fits comfortably in your hand.

leagoo M9 hold small see big

4, The world at your fingertips

The LEAGOO M9 offers an unmatched unlock speed. Its Smart Touch technology and independent ISP chip are optimized for lightning response in storing and processing fingerprints. The more you use it, the faster your touch response.
– 360° Fingerprint ID
– Unlock in 0.1s
– Smart ISP Chipset
– Multi-Function

5, Beyond All Day Battery Life

Filled with an efficient LG 2850mAh battery, LEAGOO M9 can last all day with one charge. After 500 times of charging and discharging, at least 90% of its initial rated capacity is still retained in the battery and its service time is twice than that of common ones.

Coupled with system-level LEAGOO OS optimizations, it guarantees up to an average 7-day standby time. So now you can enjoy movie marathons, launch apps, and play games without worrying about running out of battery.

  • LG 2850mAh: Battery
  • 600 Wh/L: Battery Density
  • 500 times/90% retained: Durable Battery Life

leagoo m9 beyond all day battery life

Main Specs:
– 5.5 inch 18:9 1280x640p IPS display, 5 points touch
– 8MP + 2MP rear dual camera
– 5MP + 2MP front dual camera
– MT6580T 1.3Ghz 4-core chipset
– 360°0.1s unlock fingerprint
– 2850mAh LG battery

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Leagoo T5c stronger heart inside

The recent global phone market has witnessed many new phones with different brands entering the booming but competitive marketplace. But most smartphones are extraordinarily similar in design, specs and user experience, especially for mid-range smartphones (Octa-core SoC + 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM).

LEAGOO, as a global leading export brand, has recently launched its latest mid-range killer – LEAGOO T5c, planning to release the full potential of mid-range handsets to the fullest. What distinguishes LEAGOO T5c from other mid-range smartphones is that T5c features high-end specs and craftsmanship on its mid-range devices.

LEAGOO T5c is the world’s first smartphone to be equipped with SC9853I SoC. Based on Intel’s 14nm FinFET process technology, SC9853I features 1.8GHz 64-bit octa-core Intel Airmont microarchitecture, which enables it to offer a high-performance mobile computing ability coupled with ultra-low power.

As a mid-range handset, T5c’s appearance is conventional but has many surprising features only seen on high-end or even flagship devices such as premium metal uni-body, 0.1s unlock front fingerprint ID and HD rear dual camera, etc. What’s more, T5c sports a front beauty softlight LED for its selfie camera, offering more bright and natural selfie pictures for its users.

Leagoo T5c

LEAGOO T5c is the world’s first smartphone powered by SC9853 – an Intel x86 Airmont SoC with Intel 14nm FinFET technology as well as 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM. T5c sports SHARP 5.5 inch FHD IPS display with SAMSUNG 13.0MP + OV 2.0MP rear dual camera and 5MP front camera. It features premium metal uni-body design and 3D curve craftsmanship. It is also equipped with an LG 3000mAh high-density battery and supports 5V2A quick charge technology. With a front fingerprint ID sensor, you can unlock T5c as fast as 0.1s.

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  1. 50% discount is not a bad, as for me, this is a cool deal. With offer like this and LEAGOO having care center in Nigeria, this brand is in the right track. They are ready for business in this country.

  2. Leagoo.. Leagoo… Leagoo…. I see you

    Jumia is making a killing in this mobile week. It’s a great sales strategy, a lot of positives for Leagoo to showcase its phones on a global scale.

    50% off is a winner for shoppers any day of the week.

    And with what we are seeing on Jumia, I really see a formidable conquest this season

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