808 PureView – Nokia Have Gone Mad; Wicked Too

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Nokia 808 PureView

First, it was quad-core processors from LG and Huawei. Little did we know that Nokia was going to pull a mad stunt of this magnitude that totally changes the game again.

While HTC had been smug about their upcoming 16 megapixel camera phone, that became a non-issue as of this morning when Nokia announced the successor to the legendary N8 – the 808 Pure View. That basically extinguished the spark that HTC had been hoping to flaunt.

41 MegaPixels? What For?

The Nokia 808 PureView features a 41-megapixel sensor with our highest performance Carl Zeiss optics to date and Nokia’s brand-new pixel oversampling technology. You heard that right; its no typo.

The beauty here is that it is not about megapixels for megapixels sake. We all know that Nokia know camera phones. The innovation that was put into this is just great.

Nokia says, ‘It’s not about the piles of megapixels but rather what you can do with them’. It isn’t about shooting pictures the size of billboards! Instead, it’s about creating amazing pictures at normal, manageable sizes. There’s a combination of benefits.

How It Works

The Nokia 808 PureView uses its 41 MP sensor to capture image data from multiple adjacent pixels and condenses it into one, resulting in stills at lower resolutions with amazing detail and low noise levels. The optics are Carl Zeiss and there’s Xenon flash and a LED one acting as a video light. It can capture 3 MP, 5 MP, 8 MP, and 38 MP stills.

In summary, here’s a 41 megapixel camera that produces superb, stunning 3, 5, or 8 megapixel shots and awesome 1080p video.

Other Benefits

  • zoom in up to 3X without losing any of the details in your shot
  • audio capture stereo CD-like quality for video recordings
  • 1080p video recording at 30fps, with 4X lossless zoom
  • significantly improved low light performance of over 5x more light
  • faster shutter speeds, reducing the effects of camera shake

Other Specs

– 4″ ClearBlack 640 x 360 pixel display
– 1.3 GHz processor + GPU
– 512MB of RAM
– 16GB internal memory
– Xenon and LED flash
– FM transmitter
– Nokia Belle OS
– 1/1.2″ optical sensor – 2.5 times the size of the N8’s sensor (the biggest on any smartphone)
– Xenon flash (twice as bright as the N8’s)
– LED flash for video light
– USB On-the-go support
– Li-Ion 1400 mAh battery

The 808 PureView should ship in the 2nd Quarter of 2012.

My Conclusions

What Nokia have done here is simply brilliant! Someone asked what he would be doing with 41 megapixels on a phone. Well, now you know: its not for the sake of 41 megapixel shots. It is to produce stunning regular shots, among other benefits.

But brilliant is not the word that I was looking for. What Nokia has done here is mad. And wicked. Move over, Nokia N8; hello Nokia 808 PureView!


  1. I’m sure Mister Mobility has forgotten all about the 12MP Sony Xperia S!!

    But seriously, this Nokia 808 is a phone to worship! I’m seriously praying for a quick release in May, so we can get it here in Nigeria by June/July.

    I only wish the 640×360 resolution was bigger, and it came with 32GB, but these are just minor stuff.

    Congrats Nokia, and please do not screw this up!

  2. this is just amazing. it’s a pity i’s a symbian. had it been a WP7 i would sell my left kidney to own one (lol)

  3. if a derivarive if the symbian OS had the potentials of pulling such a stelar stunt, why murder the OS.

    The camera sensor is just a 5mp but the pictures taken go through an insanely complex algorithim to produce the 41mp corresponding output. if it was running windows, i would have considered it. thats about $450 or thereabout. i’ll rather invest that in another platform with a future.

    Samsung just also launched a dedicated 8mp camera sensor. this may be a new technology now, adopting any sensor and using a particular software to upgrade its output.

    But Nokia is mad sha… this stunt is freightenig

  4. The camera is really some kind of stunt and I am wondering if this high number of pixels is already mainstream on regular medium to high end digital cameras. So unfortunate for such hardware to housed in this already stigmatized Symbian OS.

    Camera alone is not likely going to suffice, Nokia will need to put that in a WP7 device without those deliberate hardware omissions.

  5. I didn’t see this coming, 41MP, quite awesome.

    For the records, Belle is not bad at all on this baby, are we even sure that WP7 can take such imaging revolution.

    If WP7 can take it am sure they would have.

    I am totally in for this phone.

  6. Fortespy,

    The camera sensor is not 5MP. It is a full 41 megapixel sensor. The extra pixels are combined to produce stunning shots of 3, 5, or 8 megapixel sizes.

    You misread the article.

  7. Hmm!

    Just when I thought I was holding the best of the best, Nokia N8, in terms of camera, Nokia came back with a bang. Wow!

    One of the few reasons I got the N8 again was camera and Gravity app. I am so glad they made the 41MP on Nokia Belle.

    If i hear pekeh from the Android team, I go vex. Lets see how it does in market share after launch.

    I am definitely going to get my hand on one. BELLE is a whole new experience. Don’t say much if you’ve not used Belle.

  8. BELLE is a whole new experience. Don’t say much if you’ve not used Belle.

    Please Preach it on……….

  9. I am definitely going to get my hand on one. BELLE is a whole new experience. Don’t say much if you’ve not used Belle.

    People like deoladoctor used Symbian Belle and concluded that Belle looks beautiful when compared with Anna and older Symbian but looks a little ordinary when compared with either Android or iOS. The idea is that Belle is a poor clone of either Android or iOS.

  10. I have zilch interest in photography. And i have zero knowledge.

    Predictably, this Nokia 808 PUREVIEW is well beyond my PURVIEW.

    It is safe to say that- wheras Nokia may be a laggard where OS fancifulness is concerned, it is right at the top where hardware innovation is concerned.

    This marriage with WindowsPhone OS may be a winning strategy yet. A hardware aficionado meshing synergistically with a software (marketing) guru.

    Go on, Nokia. Show them why you were the market leader for so long! Invent a battery that will shock the world to its marrows. Or a screen display that will shame Samsung’s AMOLED+

    Nokia— »» advancing the frontiers of technology…

  11. People like deoladoctor used Symbian Belle and concluded that Belle looks beautiful when compared with Anna and older Symbian but looks a little ordinary when compared with either Android or iOS

    You conveniently remember what DeolaDoctor asserted but forgot that Jesse also happened to have used an Android device as well as a Belle. Selective amnesia?

    Jesse sure can speak with greater AUTHORITY than someone who has experience with only one overhyped ROBOTIC platform..

    By the way, what is wrong with cloning the good aspects of anything while leaving out the HORRIBLE attributes?

  12. You conveniently remember what DeolaDoctor asserted but forgot that Jesse also happened to have used an Android device as well as a Belle. Selective amnesia?

    Jesse sure can speak with greater AUTHORITY than someone who has experience with only one overhyped ROBOTIC platform..

    Not really. Even when he reviewed Android devices here, he, accepted that Android has better UX, UI and better all round integration than Symbian, his complaints against Android were data and battery issues. The simple fact is that Belle only looks so good when compared with previous Symbian versions not against Android or iOS.

    Now how’s that for selective amnesia.

  13. The gentleman said,

    I am definitely going to get my hand on one. BELLE is a whole new experience. Don’t say much if you’ve not used Belle

    Now, YOU say,

    his complaints against Android were data and battery issues.

    Apparently, in your world, a HORRIBLE battery life and data WASTEFULNESS are NOT part of the USER EXPERIENCE? It is all about LOOKS, right?

    Do you acknowledge that – for a person whose priority is outstanding photograph quality, this Nokia PureView may constitute a more IMPORTANT user experience ELEMENT- than a fanciful ZOMBIE interface?

    Obviously Jesse has decided (WISELY),that the horrible User Experience on Android (based on data_battery conundrum) is NOT the RightWay..

  14. Opinions are what they are–personal facts.

    I have a bias towards Nokia, but I’ve also used extensively Galaxy Gio and Galaxy SII. Android is superb. Symbian is resourceful and has refused to die.

    Okay, it’s not Symbian anymore, it is Nokia Belle.

    I should do a belle review I think. T9/autocorrect works superbly on it.

    This camera technolog came from Nokia and I am happy they are still innovating.

  15. Please do take it easy with me when expressing your disappointment concerning Symbian’s stand in the mobile space today. Symbian is not good enough and had to go. It is not my making. Even 100MP camera is not going to bring it back life.

    The masses that rejected Symbian also know how to take w wise decision and they generally know how to charge their phones when the battery is down or control data consumption on their phones but bad UI and UX cannot be recharged. Sorry.

  16. Here we go again…..another symbian vs android battle! Can we talk about the 808 pureview’s camera plssssss???

  17. Much, as I love the N8 which I have used extensively and as much as I’m endeared to the pureview’s 41MP camera, I still feel compelled to conclude that though this is a big step for Nokia Belle and the 808, it is still invariably a little too late for Nokia!

    Harry said it all. Sorry to pitch my tent with him for this moment but I feel it is the only option to do! Nokia pureview 808, is a great device, but I don’t think it is enough to save the Belle platform from impending doom at the hands of Nokia CEO, Elop!

    Yes, the Pureview will be a niche device at best. For Enthusiasts like Symbian lovers and Photography afficianados the 8o8 may be a must-have. But for me and countless others, it will be difficult investing in a dying and burning platform.

    One of my gripes of the Symbian echosystem is the lack of a unified central notification system as is present on iOS, Android and BB. Secondly, Belle has always been playing catch-up in user interface & experience development. yes, this behemoth of a camera is a beautiful addition to the burdgeoning OS, however it is not too compelling to me!

  18. I understand both Polaroid and Kodak have declared bankruptcy. Not surprised.

    Technology companies need to be perpetually proactive (SeaGate $ co, are you listening?)

    With this quantum leap in photography technology, who needs a dedicated camera?

    This is digital convergence still playing out – one device doing multiples.

    I am wondering when a phone will be invited with the ability to shave my BUSHY beard…

  19. when Nikon, Canon and Pentax are no more I might think about something like the Nokia 808.

    You’ll have to excuse my lack of excitement for this device, I’m sure it’s mainly for Nokia enthusiasts. Given a choice between the Nokia 808 and the Nikon D800, I’d go for the latter any day.

  20. @Noni,

    What a comparison. Nokia 800 is a phone and not a DSLR camera. Your phone is with you always.

    What is the value of a camera that misses the excitement od the momnet?

  21. Pretty impressive, Nokia Belle again … Hmmm, Belle is really cool but there’s a caveat to this phone which is Elops symbians death declaration. The rate at which Nokia has been throwing darts at the symbian platform is repelling and I’m beginning to feel I want a new experience, not the BB experience, ain’t an iOS fan so I’m stuck in between Android (galaxy note) and the next top dawg windows phone from Nokia. I think I want a telepathic phone too .. I seem to be confused .. Lol. but I am definitely going to get the 808 to replace my ever performing and reliable N8, my male friends always refer to it as “this your mad phone” and my female “friends” love to take shots with it then transfer d stunning pix to their bbs. I love the N8 functions so naturally the N8 successor is a must have for me unless Nokia pulls another stunt by releasing a windows edition just like N9 & Lumia 800 situation.

  22. @Jesse, you may have missed the bit where I preceded the comparison by saying it’s not a device I can get enthusiastic about.

    Simply put, if I want something with 41 megapixels, I would buy a dedicated DSLR.

  23. @ editor, quick question. Is Nokia “have” gone mad right ? It just sounds weird, I feel it should be Nokia “has” gone mad.
    Its like when I’m right I’m right, when I’m wrong I coulda been right, so I’m still right cause I coulda been wrong, you know, and I’m sorry cause I could be wrong right now, I could be wrong, but if I’m right..

  24. I think this phone is worth the wait. Forget about the camera, that’s not what I’m talking about. Its refreshing to have something new from Nokia Belle. *scratches beard* Declare Symbian dead all you want, we that want it will still want it. How about that for being dead?

  25. Now this is something. A 41MP cameraphone with all those features is sure to whet one’s appetite. This is definitely a revolution. The release of this phone has in a way confirmed my suspicion about Symbian OS. Symbian as a name is going out but Nokia Belle as an OS is here to stay. It’s like the Phoenix rising out of its own ashes. Born anew and waxing strong by the day.

    In a previous post I said given time, Nokia (the word Symbian was used then), will come to par with the latest OSs and possibly surpass them. This is the beginning of that revolution. I believe Nokia will continue with Anna, belle, and it’s upgrades. Nokia still have more than few tricks up its sleeves.

  26. i think its a beautiful thing to have on a phone. We all know Nokia introduced the first phone with a camera. I guess they are not new to making things like this happen. I was shocked too while watching Elop showcasing the pureview on CNN yesterday, I just didn’t get why the guy wanna murder symbian. He was talking so passionately about supporting symbian till 2016. Probably because the pureview stole the show yesterday.

    He wasn’t forthcoming when asked if these ( including 41MP) are signs of things to come on future WP7 devices.

    Nokia fans and surely photo enthusiasts will wanna get this one. I can buy as a gift for someone that I know loves taking pics a lot. But for me ( or even many ios or droid users), I doubt if this or the Nokia belle provides such competition.

  27. Deoladoctor,

    Symbian as a name is going out but Nokia Belle as an OS is here to stay.

    I have always wondered what Nokia meant by adopting Windows Phone as their “primary smartphone platform”. Why “primary” if there is no secondary? Why even bother renaming “Symbian” to Nokia Belle if its at the end of the road?

    Questions, questions, and more questions.

    Personally, it will be a happy day to see that Belle is here to stay!

  28. It seems Nokia is holding on to and consolidating its identified competitive advantage in the smartphone arena: camera. That’s nice: identify your USP and fly with it. It’s just that camera alone doesn’t make a best-selling, best-performing, best-value overall smartphone. Nokia will still lose in overall acceptability, position and revenue when iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 come along. iPhone is still the BEST CAMERA SMARTPHONE around.

  29. Great Post, Yomi. Wonderful invention, Nokia! I just hope it isn’t a little too late. But I hope that my Belle device will be upgraded to Carla. I hope Nokia Belle would continue existing even after Windows phone dies a natural death. WP7 may just be DOA! The market has comet impiously ignored it!

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