Adult site Pornhub records drop in traffic during Apple iPhone X launch

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The Apple iPhone reveal event caused a huge buzz all over the world. This is a yearly occurrence, as Apple tends to release a new device every year. However, this year, a particular site was affected by the event. Or so they claim, anyway. Popular adult site Pornhub claims that people were more interested in watching the iPhone launch event than watching its porn videos.

According to Pornhub, there was a huge drop in traffic for the porn site during the Apple event, where the iPhone X was introduced. This drop was most noticeable in the US. However, it did not end there; the same tendency unfolded worldwide. According to stats obtained by The Next Web, there was a 7 percent decrease in traffic to the site in the US at 1PM ET, which was when the event kicked off. There was a four-percent drop in traffic worldwide at the same time.Pornhub

Now, Pornhub notes that Apple traditionally restricts the show’s livestream to users of Apple TV, Safari and Microsoft Edge. This made it possible to measure the event’s impact on traffic. The adult site’s statisticians spotted the traffic from macOS and iOS devices during the show reduced by 8 and 1 percent respectively. Shortly after the event was concluded, traffic surged u to 4 percent above average for the first time that day.

This same trend was spotted when it came to browser usage. Pornhub discovered a four-percent and an eight-percent dip in traffic in Edge and Safari users respectively. This number climbed back up to three percent above the average for the time of day once the livestream ended.

Apparently, this is not the first time this sort of thing happened. Last year, Pornhub reported a similar dip in traffic during last year’s iPhone launch. It looks like porn viewers were slightly more interested in the iPhone X this time.



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