Again, the camera phone to the rescue: corrupt Policeman caught, dismissed

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History will be full of references to how the mobile phone, and specifically the camera phone, helped make a big difference in how society functions. From private, personal record-keeping to public use via social media, the camera phone is a formidable tool in the hands of the average person. A Police Sergeant, who has since been identified as Chris Omeleze (Force number: 192954), was caught on a camera phone video recording extorting money from a motorist in Lagos. The video went viral on the Internet and caught the attention of the Inspector General of Police. According to the Punch newspapers, the Police officer has been made to face an orderly room trial, which found him guilty and recommended his dismissal.

This scenario once again highlights the power of the camera phone. The evidence was clear and unarguable. Police Public Relations Officer, Ngozi Braide, had this to say of the video recording:

“The video was well detailed and we were able to locate the sergeant. The video was enough evidence and after facing an orderly room trial, he was dismissed.”

Hopefully, with more active citizen reporting, we can see some more fruitful efforts to tackle corruption in all facets of the Nigerian society. Keep a good camera phone handy. You never know when it might turn out to be your best friend in a scenario similar to this. Be discreet though if and when you have to use it. Here is the video if you are yet to see it:

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