AI everywhere, yet smartphones are still quite dumb

This is the age of artificial intelligence, and we are beginning to see more and ore AI-powered features on smartphones and other devices. Thanks to AI, we can hold conversations with our phones, take better pictures, and even book appointments. Yet, when it comes to the most basic tasks, these smartphones still act quite dumb.

An example is when I open a new tab in my phone’s web browser. Why – oh, why – do I have to tap the address bar before the keyboard pops up? Why are our phones not smart enough yet to automatically insert the cursor in the address bar and bring up the keyboard at the same time?

Smarter UI Interactions Wanted

That way, when I switch to a new tab, I can just proceed to type right away. A smarter smartphone will eliminate two unneccesary actions on my part to speed up the completion of my intended task.

You can play this process in many other apps that require text input.

Smartphone software need to get smarter to know that if I open a menu with a text input field, it is because I want to type. And then it has to put everything in place and have all the tools ready at my disposal.

Well…some apps already do it. We just need Google Chrome and some more others to join the soul train.

Duplex Is Great!

It is great to see demonstrations of how a smartphone can now place a call to book an appointment on our behalf. Google Duplex and similar initiatives are awesome. But consider how many times I open a new tab to type out something in a day to how many appointments I need to book an appointment in a regular day, and you will see why a simple AI-powered user interface is miles more useful and essential than the ability to book place an order for me by telephone.

A smarter text input user interface is much simpler, but it also has a much greater impact on our everyday use of our smartphones.

Are you with me on this? When do we carry placards to go protest at Google headquarters? 😁😁😁 And in what other ways do you think your smartphone can get smarter for your everyday use?

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