AirDroid helps you transfer files directly to your PC

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Did you know you can transfer files directly to your PC from your smartphone without a USB cable or Bluetooth? It is easier than you might think. There are smartphone apps that you can use to remotely control your PC, and with these apps you can transfer files between both devices. One of such apps is AirDroid.

The app has 3 distinguishable features: remote control, file transfer and screen mirroring. Note that you need to root your device for screen mirroring to work. It also provides you with information about your device’s storage. Another extra from the premium version is that you can make calls directly from your PC.


You can download AirDroid from the Google Play Store. When you install the app, it gives you an option to create an account or continue without signing in. To connect your phone to your PC, just open the Airdroid URL on your computer. Also, you can scan the QR code from the app. Once you are connected, you can transfer files between your phone and your PC easily.

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