SMS from Airtel: Internet plan for smartphones now available on Airtel! Enjoy 1000MB data allowance, valid for 30 days, at N3,000 only. Activate by dialling

Airtel introduces Internet plan for smartphones

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SMS from Airtel:

Internet plan for smartphones now available on Airtel! Enjoy 1000MB data allowance, valid for 30 days, at N3,000 only. Activate by dialling *141*712*10#

  1. 1GB@ N3000, 24/7, *141*712*10#
    3GB@ N5000, 24/7, *141*712*1#
    5GB@ N8000, 24/7, *141*712*2#
    10GB@ N15000, 24/7, *141*712*5#
    they also have night and weekend plans similar to those of MTN’s.

  2. I think someone mentioned this new tariff in a comment on a previous article on this site. This is almost a month ago. This shows the accuracy of info we get from mobilitynigeria.

    Kudos to mobilitynigeria for the good work and thanks to all contributors for making this a reliable site.

  3. Competitive rates there..

    Would someone kindly explain why a ‘Starcomms’ would be able to offer truly uncapped data, but NONE of the GSM networks does (can?) NOT?

    Is it that CDMA technology is simply better for data ?

    Will we ever see a ‘GLO ‘ offer truly unlimited data, for, say, 7k/8k per month?

  4. Cost is not the issue here. The problem with Airtel is thier slow internet service. Even etisalat is slow now adays cause of its free data. The networks just dont have the capacity to handle the huge customer base.
    Glo am waiting for you.

  5. I agree with mark. There really is no capacity by there networks to handle huge network traffic. The only advantage they have over other traditional broadband ISPs is mobility! Aside this I’d choose Swift or mobitel or others over gsm networks…

  6. Mark if you’re waitin for glo you might wait till eternity..glo doesnt seem to be interested in offering mobile data services at all to their customers..they just make noise about Glo-1 cable..

  7. @shayman. At least glo is by far better than airtel in my area. They also offer 150mb for just 1k. 6gb for 7.5k. They may not be superfast but atleast it works faster than airtel and etisalat in my area. Mtn is the fastest then glo then etisalat and lastly airtel.

  8. I have actually had to go back to trusty Glo, dumping Etisalat.

    My experience has been that Glo is best, Airtel is better and Etisalat good. I 4have no experience worth MTN, as I have never used it.

    I’d rather pay for reliability/dependability, and Glo is yet to disappoint me on that score…

  9. Please send me a mail when Mtn starts theirs…airtel and etisalat…i don’t understand. They’re so slow of recent even worse than mtn i always complained about.

  10. Never really used glo enough to determine there speed but they always make life hard befor you get configuration settings..thats there problem

  11. Etisalat has something similar though not better.

    * 100MB Plan – N1,000 – Dial *229*2*1# to activate
    * 500MB Plan – N3,000 – Dial *229*2*2# to activate
    * 1.5GB Plan – N5,000 – Dial *229*2*4# to activate
    * 3Gb Plan – N6,500 – Dial *229*2*3# to activate
    * 6GB Plan – N8,000 – Dial *229*2*5# to activate

    Waiting for MTN to deliver something similar.

    For me its MTN 3.5G a and Swift Controversial 4G all the way.

  12. There is no doubt that Airtel has its foot in the right places. First, lower voice tariff now they have turned their attention to data. Kudos to Airtel.
    I have observed that Airtel is even getting better in many parts of the country.
    As customers, this what we expect from any network that truly want to earn our love and loyalty. We need operators like Airtel that can give MTN and the rest of the crew genuine competition. Airtel is no doubt doing less talk more action. MTN hardly give us anything. Too profit conscious.
    @Mark, in my area, Airtel is number one. I really don’t know where you live. It would be good to know.
    CDMA operators are making good effort but they are still generally hampered by limited coverage and poor funding. Besides, the stiff price competition in that segment of the market (though good for customers) appears to be stifling their growth. Multilinks has fallen by the way side already. Starcomms is bleeding heavily. Zoom Mobile is comatose. Visafone is managing to keep its head above water!
    GSM operators will continue to get better. They are implementing projects that would give them better broadband capacity.

  13. We should hail Airtel. MTN does not have comparable data plans! They have the cheapest data rate so far!

  14. why not tell us where you live am sure its in the developed part of lagos where only 5percent of lagosians reside. We need good quality service then tariff reduction.

  15. I think quality comes before quantity. airtel has provided this plan for the smartphone users who are growing just like the bb users daily. fantastic. however…I don’t think they have half the 3g spread of the likes of glo and mtn. that is why people like me wont subscribe. a colleague just got a galaxy tab today…this smartphone plan would have been perfect for him but airtel’s low 3g coverage and slow goes can’t serve the data hungry thrust of such android device. unfortunately the other networks that have better 3g coverage are offering 100mb/mth / 1k for mtn and 150mb for glo which can never be enough. the next plan in line is way too highly priced…starting from 5k for 1.5gig. if any of mtn and glo can provide such a smartphone plan as this….they will win over this segment of the market.

  16. dont agree with mark. use 3gb plan on my android xperia x10 and airtel is unbeatable, offering .16kobo/kb rivalling mtn’s 8,000 6gb tariff! thats just crazy. and their 3g network peaked at 600kbps download on my phone! Beat that glo supporters.

  17. I noticed that Airtel is now giving 20mb on their daily plan. If they’ve increased the data bundle across board, that means the Airtel N1k 100mb plan will now be 200mb, which beats Glo Always Micro of 150mb for same N1k.

    Anyone using Airtel N1k monthly plan to confirm its now 200mb?

    If thats true, it also means combining the Airtel Smartphone Plan (N3k for 1gb, now 2gb?) with MTN Night Plan (N2k5 for 3gb) gives you 5gb for N5k5 monthly. How does this come compare to GLO 6gb for N7k5 monthly in terms of efficiency (redundancy) and price (cost savings)?

    I know that combo beats Glo G100/300 hands down, but is it more economical than GLO AlwaysMax ? No other data plan seems to come close so those are the top 2 (Glo 6gb/N7k5 and Combo 5gb/N5k5), then we have MTN 5gb/N8k (and maybe a new Airtel 6gb/N5k if they double across board) .

    What do u guys think? Is it a winning combination?

  18. yeah,just yesterday i tried the 10mb of Airtel was suprise to get 20mb, then just wanted to try somthing new i load N1000 and tried again, gess what it gives me 200mb and not onlt that it added up to my 20mb its now 220mb also the validity also extends.

  19. 200MB at 1000 naira that’s a truly fantastic offer, just hope the other can reciprocate Airtel as I haven’t got their network the only telecom firms that got decent reception where I’m at is MTN and Etisalat

  20. with this now i can now buy 5gb for my phone and when d expire time is close i will just top with 100mb 30days to get the validity xtend.

  21. And to think I was poking fun at those that bought econet wireless line in 2001. The joke is on me and my MTN now. Am stuck with the stupid line.

    Hope I’ll get 6Gb for N2500 when I next re-subscribe for my Airtel 3Gb/N2500 plan. Oh! I forgot to mention that this plan’s been fantastic after I called the very polite and nice Airtel customer care.

  22. my mtn 3gb night bundle just expired. Think i’ll switch to airtel night and get 6gb.

    What options on another will i have for day browsing, my people? Mtn N1k 100mb?

    No etisalat here and glo has refused to activate the new sim i got.

    Prefer using 2 networks for redundancy.


  23. Sms i got from: Get 100% bonus on your Airtel Daily Plan with 20MB by dialing *141*712*11# on your data enabled phone. Plan is valid for 24 hours & cost N100. Feel Free!

  24. Can someone tell me the code for the subscription of airtel’s #1000 for 200mb not 100mb pls?08038160024 I will appreciate it a great deal.

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