Airtel is dishing out 200MB of data to users

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It started with MTN giving away free 100mb to users, Etisalat in similar vein, shared data to her subscribers. Airtel has joined the band wagon, and is giving away 200mb data to users.


To get the free data, you must be on the Club 10 Paddi plan, if you’re not, dial *166# to migrate.

  • Dialing *141*13*200# gives you 200MB free.
  • Dialing *141*13*100# gives you 100MB free.
  • Dial*123*10# to check your data balance.

Enjoy while it lasts. Meanwhile, we haven’t heard anything from GLO, maybe they’re coming with something even bigger, who knows.


  1. It Says

    Unsuccessful. This Service Is Not Allowed On Your Plan….Bla, Bla, Bla

    I Migrated To Club Paddy First…

    This Must Be A Conspiracy. Mtn, Etisalat, And Now Airtel, Nothing. No Freebie?. Arrrgh

  2. Isn’t this strange.?

    An airtel Sim I hardly ever use, has been given 200MB,while another I have used for years and is actually my main line was not given any MegaBytes.

    what’s the criterion?

  3. See you. I just lost over N2000 bonus airtime when I migrated to the kain club 10 padi and on top of that didn’t get the kain mb.

  4. Nothing goes for nothing. I like my current plan just fine. I get 100% bonus on every recharge. Me thinks it’s just a ploy to get more people on the club 10 padi thing. If they wanted to really give free data, it’d cut across all plans.

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