An Easy Way out (or up) for Windows Mobile

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Windows Mobile has been long acknowledged as a powerful mobile operating system. Unfortunately, it does not seem that the guys at Microsoft realized early enough that raw power is not all there is to a mobileOS. Apple’s Mac OSx, Google’s Android, and more recently Palm’s Web OS, with the acclaim that they have consistently received, show that beyond just power, the end-user wants a sleek and user-friendly interface.

Fact: WinMo as it has been for years is far from user-friendly. Microsoft have made a lame attempt at improving the WinMo UI with version 6.5. But it does not seem to cut the mustard. And it isn’t available on any devices yet. So, WinMo followers have no choice but to hope (and probably pray too) that WinMo 7 will be really different.

However, there seems to be an easy and logical path for transforming WinMo into the delight of users.

HTC’s home-grown solution to making their WinMo products user-friendly has been a toast of WinMo users and reviewers alike. Dubbed TouchFlo 3D, it is sleek, touch-optimised, and gets the job done.

Left: standard WinMo standby; Right: standard TouchFlo 3D standby
Left: standard WinMo standby; Right: standard TouchFlo 3D standby

Would Microsoft consider the option of paying HTC to completely integrate TouchFlo 3D into the WinMo OS? That shouldn’t be difficult, seeing how far HTC have gone in implementing this icing on the WinMo cake.

For many current WinMo users, TouchFlo 3D is one of the key reasons why their mobile experience is much easier. And fun.

Whether or not Microsoft takes the path I have recommended, one thing is certain, whatever interface it is that Microsoft implements for WinMo will always be judged by how well it performs against TouchFlo 3D.

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