Android Lollipop arrives as public beta for Infinix users

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Lollipop Hot Note

In keeping with their promise, Infinix has released a public beta of Android Lollipop for users. Earlier, we announced Infinix plans to release a test beta version in July before the official roll out in August. The new software is available for the following Infinix models:

  • Infinix Hot X507
  • Infinix Hot Note X551
  • Infinix Zero 2 X509

Lollipop Infinix Zero2

And just as we predicted, the new software will have to be downloaded and flashed separately using SP Flashtools. Please note that:


  • This update is still in beta version, and surely there will be bugs. Simply post your concerns on their thread, and you’ll receive feedback.
  • There’s no guarantee your data will remain after flashing this. Please be sure to backup your data before proceeding.

The official version is expected to arrive by the end of August, but if you want to have an early taste, run along to Infinix forums and proceed.


  1. When I saw this headline I shouted, “Ahhhh!” Somehow, I guess I never really believed they would keep their promise.
    Well done, Infinix!
    a) “beta”? Since when do OEMs do software updates in beta? The beta was Google.s job, done several months ago. You’re meant to have finished your own testing.
    b) They did well in supporting Hot, considering it’s their highest-selling device.
    b) From the forum post, it seems the beta is 5.0, while the update will be 5.1, which is a good thing.
    So, TECNO produces the first Lollipop tablet and Infinix delivers the first Lollipop update. (It better be OTA though.)
    P.S. Elroy, hurry up and flash it so you can give us a review of Lollipop by Infinix.

  2. don’t just waste your goddamn data to download that stuffs because it has alot of bugs

  3. odd that there’s no support for the original Zero or the Note Pro. anyways hope that the final update is available via OTA

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