Android Tip: How to Add Navigation Keys to your phone

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Days when a phone becomes boring. Times when the same daily routine feels like a chore, and the monotony of everything becomes tiring and uninspiring. Android comes with lots of flavors you can inject, spice things up, and make your device look new again. When you’re rooted, things get easier. If you’ve ever admired onscreen keyboards peculiar with Nexus and some other devices, here’s a tip on how to get it working on your Android phone :


  • You must be rooted.
  • A root file Explorer (Using Es File Explorer as example).
  • Android 4.0 and upwards.

Disclaimer: Do this at your own risk. Mobility isn’t responsible for whatever happens to your device. So don’t blame us if you incur any damage. The below procedure is tested, working and easily reversible.

Follow the procedures religiously and you’ll be OK.


To get this done,

Using your file explorer, Navigate to Root Folder/system

Screenshot 1

Select the build.prop file and open it as text

Screenshot 2

Scroll to the bottom of the text and add this line.



At the end of the file. Save and close.

Reboot and That’s it!

A few apps don’t behave well with the keys activated on some phones, such as the camera. For some reason (probably because it’s a stock app) instead of resizing, it partially covers up some of the controls. Though its still completely usable. Have fun


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