Travelling to South Africa with kids? Check VISA requirements with this app

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South Africa has introduced new visa requirements for kids travelling with adults to and fro the country. This is in a bid to reduce occurrences of child trafficking, and domestic child-custody dispute between divorced/separated parents, and in line with equivalent requirements in the UK and US.

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The law in itself looks cumbersome, hence a Cape Town-based travel company, DriveSouthAfrica came up with a web app simplifying the new child visa regulations into an easy-to-use three-tap tool. The web app presents all the details in simple terms and is also available for mobile and web users.

Co-Founder, DriveSouthAfrica said that,

“The only problem is, these regulations were launched with little consultation with the tourism industry, are rather confusing and might even make people think twice about travelling to South Africa,”

The web app goes ahead to simplify matters and in a simple 3-step process. Click HERE to check out the web app.

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