How the Apple iPhone 7 was put together

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The Apple iPhone 7 (for the purpose of this article, this includes the 7 Plus) is a truly remarkable smartphone. Contrary to what you might have believed, making the iPhone 7 was the easiest thing in the world for Apple. Let me walk you through the different stages of conception and assembly of this iconic device.

Apple iPhone 6s

Apple iPhone 6s

For starters, Apple decided that the iPhone 7 wouldn’t look much different from own last champion, the iPhone 6s. And that is Apple being true to Apple. So, visually, there are no huge changes.

Huawei P9’s Dual Cameras

Huawei P9 dual cameras

Next, the fruit boys needed a really up-to-date camera to put on the Apple iPhone 7. Easy pie. Huawei had already made one. Why re-invent the wheel? Apple snapped up Huawei’s dual cameras (removed the Leica tag) and fixed it in their new baby. Snap away, fellas.

HTC Stereo Speakers

HTC Stereo speakers

After listening to audio on smartphones from HTC and BlackBerry, some of us have been raving about stereo speakers being the next best thing to bread and Nutella for years. Finally, Apple agreed. So, a quick trip to HTC’s storage facility on the moon and they had the stereo speakers that they wanted. Sound check. Sound check. 1-2-3.

Sony Xperia’s Water and Dust Resistance

Sony Xperia water resistance

If you have never used a high-end Sony Xperia in recent years, you probably think that the Apple iPhone 7 is the first smartphone with dust and water resistance. Well, those sleek Sony smartphones have had them for years. Samsung recently followed suit. The Apples though, What the heck?! We should wow our users with that this year. An iPhone that can take a little dumping. Tada!

And that, dear friends, is how Apple Inc. came about the iPhone 7. The smoothest conceptualization and production ever. An assembly of the best of the best in one device.

Apple iPhone 7: the result of Innovation Street

Apple iPhone 7 stacked

Groan all you like about how Apple has copied and copied. Innovation is not necessarily the same as invention. The question is, Why didn’t Huawei add all the other features to the P9? Why did Sony not do same with their latest flagship? And HTC, why not too? Why wait for Apple to come integrate everything in one nice package? Answer: Apple innovated. Call it any other name you want. A rose……

Too bad for everyone else. The Apple iPhone 7 is here, and it ticks a lot of right boxes (and a few bad ones). It has got a great camera, great audio, and is resistant to water and dust. What you gonna do?


  1. The dual camera is on the iPhone 7 Plus, not the iPhone 7.

    As for

    “If you have never used a high-end Sony Xperia in recent years, you probably think that the Apple iPhone 7 is the first smartphone with dust and water resistance.”

    Err, it wasn’t promoted as such. They said it is the first water resistant iPhone, not that it is the first ever water resistant smartphone. Sony were the first and Samsung has already been there.

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