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Apple Set To Debut Foldable iPhone Next Year

With Apple’s 2020 iPhone upgrades already shaping up for the year, there are reports that Apple is set to release the most models of their smartphone this year. The iPhone manufacturers however still seem to have one trick up their sleeves; a phone with a new design concept. This foldable iPhone concept is touted to hit the markets in the 1st quarter of 2021.

In a series of new reports, Apple has published designs that seem to show a new folding iPhone, there are however no confirmed pictures of this foldable iPhone yet. Apple’s patent appears to show that the display can be folded without any crease appearing on it and that the display may be made of glass rather than the more known plastic.

iPhone 7

Photos of the iPhone 7

     Certain reports say that Apple can make this revolutionary design possible through a new hinge mechanism. This new design lets the middle of the display bow out before folding, thereby making the bend much smoother in the hinge while also maintaining structural integrity. This should stop the crease from forming and also let Apple use glass panels for the design.

While Apple have been known to be more secretive than other smartphone brands, a new foldable iPhone in the works is something that iPhone lovers would definitely look forward to seeing work, as a number of notable rivals have either released a foldable phone or have made announcements towards it.

However, fingers are still kept crossed regarding the likely release period of this Apple device, the only assurance we have on ground is that the device will debut in 2021, with no exact set date yet.


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