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Apple Set To Use The iPhone as a Car Key

Have you ever experienced that odd scenario where you have so much on your mind and somehow end up locking your car keys in the car? To make it worse, you have no idea where the spare set of keys lie and now you are well and truly stuck. Well, with reports from certain quarters concerning Apple’s recent function for the iPhone or Apple Watch, scenarios like this are going to be a thing of the past in no time.

With the release of the first developer beta build of iOS 13.4, Apple is set to create a function with references to a “CarKey” API, this could imply that this function can open cars or even go one further and start the vehicle.

Apple Watch
The iOS beta build did not mention any changes to expect for users, however, a major unexpected change hidden in the code points to the fact that there would be the presence of one major new feature in the offing.

There are indications that the new function can be used by cars that have Near Field Communication (NFC) support. It is thought that the CarKey API could have the ability to lock vehicles, unlock vehicles and even get the vehicle started. The API will be employed with a paired car’s on-board computer and may need to be within proximity of a specific beacon inside the vehicle to function.

For the Apple device to pull this off, the iPhone or Apple watch is placed on the vehicle’s reader, where it will automatically work. The device can now be paired with the vehicle through the Wallet app.

It is reported that this new function will still be effective even in cases where the Apple product is running low on battery. This API also houses another rather interesting quality, sharing. Yes, the CarKey can be shared with other people like spouses and relatives letting them also have access to your vehicle.

With all the glaring perks of the new function, it remains to be seen when the CarKey will be released, but reports say that Apple is already sufficiently laying the groundwork for this feature to come online.



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