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Apple Plans To Add OS Recovery Feature Based On iOS 13.4 Beta Code

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Apple has released a new set of betas today, with the third builds of iOS 13.4, iPad OS 13.4, watch OS 6.2, tvOS 13.4 and the macOS 10.15.4. According to a number of reports, a code in the new beta can enable OS recovery features for Apple iPads and iPhones.

It is known that with Mac computers, OS recovery is pretty easy due to the presence of an internet recovery feature. For iPhones and iPads, this is not particularly straightforward, as one has to plug the device into a PC actively running iTunes to restore the operating system.

Apple beta update

This new feature is set to change all of that, with iPads and iPhones not needing to go through all that trouble to complete an operating system recovery session. This feature, if released to the public is one that should be received warmly by a lot of Apple users, as it is not every individual that has access to a second computer to restore the OS of the affected device.

This is coming just days after it was discovered that Apple is working on a CarKey API. With this feature already present in iOS 13.4 beta builds, it will be interesting to see if this feature will eventually be released to the public and when it may likely happen.



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