Are you tired of Android 5’s heads-up notifications? Install this app

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If you are using an Android 5 Lollipop smartphone and find the heads-up Notifications intrusive, there’s an app for that. With HeadsOff you can disable all Lollipop Heads-up notifications on your phone. You can also disable Heads-up notifications for selected apps, as well as enable ticker text notification in the status bar.


Install, setup and activate HeadsOff to make those intrusions a thing of the past and to customise your Notifications to your taste.

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  1. The GravityBox module of the eXposed Framework provides this functionality I believe, among numerous other cute things..

    The GravityBox implementation allows for deciding which notifications will appear as Heads Up windows and which will be ignored, and users can expand notifications (if supported) with a two-finger swipe. Other nifty additions to the tool set include better options for the “quiet hours” function,

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