As PC sales drop, what are the Nigerian brands doing?

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Zinox Omatek

I was intervied by a correspondent from Tell magazine a couple of weeks back and he asked me what I thought would happen to Nigerian PC brands as the global market shifted away to mobile. Thus afternoon, someone asked me a similar question on Twitter:

Globally, many PC makers have seen the sign and have taken steps to ride the wave of mobile. At the forefront is Apple. Samsung is in there. Then there are Acer, Lenovo and others. They see how mobile computing is eating into a good chunk of the personal computing market and are evolving to stay relevant in that market.

I have no idea what local PC brands like Zinox and Omatek are doing about this. I do know that they have the Federal Government’s support, which contributes to their staying afloat. But I doubt that this will keep them going for long. Both Omatek and Zinox should already have plans in place for mobile. Yes; there are complications to deal with. Not too many individuals that I know want to have anything to do with local brands. That sentiment will certainly extend to mobile, but I think that it can be addressed.

We ought to see tablets and/or smartphones from local Nigerian PC brands as soon as possible. Low-cost tablets and smartphones. Smaller players like Pliris Mobile and Bamboo are giving it a shot. It cannot be so hard for bigger names and muscles like Omatek and Zinox to jump into the fray too. If they do not, inevitably, they will go the way of the dinosaurs.


  1. Just like you rightly observed, the local manufacturers have the backing of the federal government and individual users have little to do with local brands which inevitably will extends to mobiles and our local manufacturers do not have what it takes to compete favourably with the big name global players. If the governments keep supporting them, they will still be around for a while but growth will be seriously hampered.

    It is going to be very hard to compete in Nigeria when your import maybe more than 90% of the components used in your products, coupled with the harsh business environment and the consumer prejudice against local brands. It’s very unfortunate, but these are facts on ground.

  2. on “Not too many individuals that I know want to have anything to do with local brands”, I always maintain that when a product is good and useable, you would care less where it originates from. Samsung is a Korean brand, HTC, TECNO is China yet people have come to trust their products. If Omatek or Zinox or any local brand for that matter takes time to do appropriate market research, develop products that people love, lead innovation, it wouldn’t matter if it is nigeria. But what do you find here, in 5 seconds or less i can tell you a website designed by a nigerian (whether a design firm or an individual). Thesame replicates itself in many other sectors

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