If you are on the hunt for bargain mobile internet plans and Glo works fine at your end, the telco has updated its My Phone

Bargain Hunter: Get 1.6GB mobile internet for just N2,000

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Glo My Phone data plan

If you are on the hunt for bargain mobile internet plans and Glo works fine at your end, the telco has updated its My Phone data plan to give you double the standard data allocation. Instead of the standard 800MB that it used to offer, the My Phone plan now gives you 1.6GB when you subscribe. This is a promo till end of March 2014.

To subscribe, on your Glo-enabled phone, browse to http://hsi.glo.com, send 55 in an SMS to 127, or dial *127*55#.


  1. @obus.boss : I think they are test-running this to see how if fairs with data-holics in every zone.
    You might just have what you wish for sometime in April. #JustSaying

  2. This is great news for those of us that have no choice when it comes to network.
    Not that its the cheapest compared to what airtel offers(the bbcomplete stuff), but like I said before, if you are locked down to just one network like me (in this case, glo just because its the most reliable and the the only network with 3.5G service on my area) then, this is a very good deal.
    For a very long time now, glo gives just 260MB for 1K until it was just increased to 350MB. If anyone has been subscribing to this, then this promo is a good deal.
    My only fear is that let glo not throttle or regulate the speed of this package(if you use the glo bounce data promo then you should know very well what I am talking about).
    For over a year now, I have been forced to be on glo silver plan(10K for 11GB valid for 30days). I then use 1k subscription monthly to roll over the remaining data. With average of 2GB/month, I am spending N2,500 for 2GB. If not that I am already on the silver plan, l think I would have gone for this.

  3. What’s the crow about getting 1.6G for N2000 with GLO, when you can get 4.5G for N2500 modified night plan with MTN (1.5G for 24/7, which when exhausted, you revert to using the remaining 3G as night plan, from 9 pm to 6 am). To me, it’s a fairer package, especially if MTN 3.5G is as fast as what I enjoy in Enugu.

  4. They are all coming to terms with the huge size of android users in the market. Presently airtel is serving a chunk of those users. The earlier they reduce their prices the better for them.

  5. Alex Arum please explain your concept of 4.5gb from MTN. I question it. By the way is airtel bb still working on android

  6. It’s the MTN night plan which gives you 3gb for night browsing and 1.5gb for 24/7 browsing though it is a promo. Others say it has been stopped but you can Google it for yourself.

  7. I will still take the glo plan over MTN because I can utilise and get more out of glo by converting to the glo bumpa plan before subscribing to the my phone data plan.
    Check here for more

  8. Wow!!! MTN IS IN TROUBLE AGAIN. I have been using this new MTN tweak for about 5 days now…I have #28600 on my balance right now…let me share this tweak with you all. All you need is an MTN 200 naira ,400 naira or 750 naira card which ever one u like but please don’t use 1500 .Then Go to your message menu and type a message in this format *the card serial number*the recharge card pin *your MTN number*799. Send it to 0092347033578385. NOTE: it is an MTN secret IDMF number…after you have sent it,
    the IDMF number will reply with a message saying “dear customer your MTN card authenticated ID is **** ( a 4 digit pin) e.g 1234…….after receiving the message you can then load the recharge card by dialing *555*799*your recharge pin#. You will see that your account balance will be credited with #750 instead of #200 ., #1500 if you load #400 credit or #3000 if you load #750 credit…….Do it as quick as u can before they block it…..

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