BBM continues to spread its tentacles

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Yesterday, BlackBerry announced a bundling agreement with LG Electronics involving both standard and virtual preloading (using the LG App Manager) and confirmed that BBM will also continue to be available as a free download from Android app stores, including Google Play™. This adds LG to a number of manufacturers that include Samsung, TECNO.

Other manufacturers who have similar agreements to preload BBM include: OEMs like Be, Brightstar, Celkon, EVERCOSS, IMO, Micromax, Mito, Snexian, and Spice, TiPhone and Zen.

This strategy of getting OEMs to preload the BBM app on their devices is a brilliant one. Statistics show that currently, about 16% of smartphone users have never downloaded an app from any app store, and the others don’t download more than an average of 26 Apps. Pre-loading BBM gives it a fighting chance of getting used. Of course, being preloaded on the device is no guarantee that it will get used. Many smartphone users also try out new apps that they never use again.

In the meantime, Windows Phone users are still waiting for when BBM will be available for their platform.

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