Before you buy a phone in 2015, Here’s what you must do.

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Times are changing fast, especially in the world of mobile technology. Things aren’t the way they used to be before. Nokia used to be the king among phone brands, where are they today? Making a choice of phone nowadays is hard.

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There are thousands of options, brand names, different ranges of price and specs, so before you take that leap and enter bush 🙂, Here are things you need to take note of:

  1. Make a Decision: Ask yourself these questions and try to answer them yourself. This phone I’m about to buy, what will I be using it for? What purpose will it serve me? Am I buying it because my friend has it too? After you’ve decided what to you want it for, then proceed to the next step.
  2. Make a Budget: After deciding on the purpose you want the phone to serve, then you set aside how much you want to spend on the phone. Deciding on your budget or price range helps to concentrate the options you have available to you.
  3. Make a Research: After settling your price range ,then you start making researches for information. Go online, visit forums, read reviews. This will give you first hand information about the phone you want to buy. Don’t be surprised, a review can sway your mind for or against the phone you initally wanted to purchase.
  4. Ask a Geek : Speak to someone (like us:-)) that has knowledge of phones, for recommendations and assistance. We can help you reach a decision if you’re finding it difficult to making a choice. Ask a Geek sessions is your ever present help.

After doing all these, Last step is to visit MobilityArena store and place your order, as simple as that, wherever you are in Nigeria, your phone will be safely shipped to you.

  1. Elroy,you are right and on point.However no 3 to me is most important.This normally should give you every info you need on any phone you wish to buy including the price.

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