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Every day, we see different apps get added to Play Store, potentially giving us more ways to get the best out of our Android devices. However, there are certain apps that are a MUST-HAVE for your Android smartphone in 2021.

In this article, we will look at some of the best apps for your Android device in 2021 and some of their incredible benefits.


  • Google Drive: This app is a cloud storage option for Android users that offers free 15GB when users sign on. For users who may need more memory, they can buy more at a sensible subscription rate. One of Google Drive’s huge benefits is the plethora of Android apps attached to it. Google Drive also lets users access Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar, Photos, Keep and Gmail. You can follow this link to get the app.

Best apps for your Android, Google Driv

  • LastPass Password Manager: This app is a very vital app for Android users who have issues keeping up with different passwords on different platforms. LastPass Password Manager lets users save their log in credentials in a safe and secure way. It can also help users generate new passwords to use on their accounts. This app has a master password and functions across a number of platforms ranging from mobile to PCs and tablets, making it easier to use and incorporate across a number of devices.


  • Podcast Addict: Podcasts have become rather popular nowadays, with many a smartphone user preferring to listen in to podcasts while commuting or carrying out some other activity. This is where Podcast Addict comes in, as this app is one of the best apps for your Android device if you love listening to podcasts. It features a variety of podcasts and has a simple and effective UI. Podcast Addict also boasts plenty of playback and download features, while offering a single-cost premium version. It also supports Chromecast and SONOS, alongside Android Auto and Wear OS.


  • Google Assistant: This list won’t be complete without this versatile Android app. You can easily download this free resource and enable it. With Google Assistant, you can carry out a number of operations ranging from simple math calculations to controlling lights. Google Assistant (one of the popular apps for your Android device) also comes in handy when you want to play content on your Chromecast or other compatible devices.

Android smartphone

  • Google Maps: Another on the list of indispensable tools from Google, Google Maps gives you access to different places of interest, while also showing you traffic data and helping you with directions to certain spots. This app, one of the go-to apps for your Android device, makes it easier for you to navigate around your region, as its weekly updates mean that new locations and places get added to the map frequently.


  • YouTube and YouTube Music: Already rather popular with billions around the world, this dynamic duo gives you unlimited music while also letting you enjoy videos on YouTube Ad free. It costs $12.99 per month and should effectively cover all of your streaming needs (audio and video) for the month.



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