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Go-To Apps You Need For Your iPhone Today

How to use widgets on your iPhone or iPod Touch, go-to apps for your iPhone
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With every passing day, more apps are added to Apple’s store, with some of these apps taken down later due to a number of reasons. However, by the look of things currently, we may have over a million apps to pick from on the app store in the coming years, as it currently has over 750,000 apps on it.

With all of these different apps popping up in your face every now and then, it can be incredibly difficult to know which of these apps are actually vital for your iPhone. In this piece, we will take a look at some go-to apps you need for your iPhone.


  • BillGuard: This tool can come in particularly handy for users who’d like to keep a copy of their financial records on their iPhones. One of the apps you need for your iPhone, this app lets you organize your finances and helps you manage your spending habits. This app is aimed at helping you stay in line financially and keep an eye on irregular spending or unexpected expenses. It can also notify you of certain charges you may no longer use. You can install this app here.

How to use widgets on your iPhone or iPod Touch, go-to apps for your iPhone

  • Buffer: This app lets you gain more control over your social media. To put it simply, it can help you schedule posts, tweets and other messages on a number of social media apps. Buffer can also measure the right time more of your followers will be online, putting up your post at just the right time. It is perfect for individuals who have a huge online presence and may need some assistance with managing their social media apps.


  • Zillow: Another go-to app you’d need on your iPhone, this app comes in particularly handy if you are on the hunt for a place to stay. You see, this app is one of the apps you need for your iPhone as it shows you all the property and real estate in your region, going a step further to let you in on the ones that are up for rent or outright purchase. Zillow also contains important information that helps you get in touch with the right people in charge of the property.

Go-to apps for your iPhone today

  • Dropbox: One of the more popular cloud services out there, Dropbox lets you save and later view files across several devices ranging from your iPhone to your PC. It is totally free and you can install it via this link.


  • Vine: Another social media app that’s fast becoming popular, Vine lets users create and enjoy short 6-second clips through a Twitter-like newsfeed. This space also provides much-needed comic relief for its users, while certain skit makers have leveraged this app to get better at their craft. To top it all off, Vine has a revine feature which lets its users find some of the best videos faster.


  • Duolingo: Learning a new language can be challenging at times, but with Duolingo, it does not have to be. This free resource, which is one of the apps you need for your iPhone, can turn you to a pro at any language of your choice. Its rather simple interface makes it easy to navigate, meaning you do not have to be a geek to figure this learning app out.


  • Shazam: One for music lovers, this free app can let users identify certain songs in seconds, while also giving certain hints about lyrics, where to buy this song. You can get this app through this link.



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