Humor: See the reason why your mobile phone is called “Cell Phone”


Have you ever wondered why our mobile phones are called cell phones? Or did you think the acronym “cell” before the “phone” was just there for redundant purposes. The picture below gives us the hint we never knew all our lives. People are prisoners of their phones!! Me too 😆 Eternally chained to that rectangular slab, … [Read more…]

Breaking News!! Google has just unveiled a new logo, check it out

Google New

Google in recent times, have worked towards their public perception. Few weeks ago the search giant branched out as part of a bigger company called Alphabeth. Today, they have just unvieled a new logo. The new logo features a cleaner font an brighter colors. This truly looks better than what they had before. Visit right … [Read more…]

Top 5 phones in 2015 with a fingerprint scanner


The newest trend for premium devices is the availability of a fingerprint sensor or scanner. The basic function of a fingerprint scanner is to secure your smartphone instead of using patterns and passwords. Use for the fingerprint sensor on mobiles has extended to payment solutions like Samsung Pay, etc.  If you’re on the look out … [Read more…]

Snapdragon Smart Protect will secure your next Android flagship device


In a bid to fight against malware and it’s harmful effects on our devices, chip maker, Qualcomm has just announced Snapdragon Smart Protect Technology. This is an advanced machine learning based technology that is made to monitor the behavior of your device applications in real time. In the process, it detects and classifies any application … [Read more…]

Forget the big brands: Perhaps smaller brands are the real beauty of Android OS


Reading news about big smartphone brands can leave one with the impression that the Android ecosystem is a cacophony of crises. Everywhere you turn, one brand or the other is making losses and/or cutting down. However, should one take a microscope to the playing field, one shall find an innumerable number of small manufacturers who … [Read more…]

Power Dressing: Three smartphones to make a statement with in 2015

Passport Suit

Looking dapper is good for business, not to mention that it also feels darn good. If you dress to make a statement, your smartphone has to get with the programme as well. Here are three smartphones that will get you the right attention everywhere you go. Apple iPhone 6 Apple’s iPhone 6 is iconic. It … [Read more…]