In recent times, the Android ecosystem has been plagued with several occurrences of malware. This has caused lots of panic among users. For instance, right

Beware!! This Android virus automatically roots your phone, but there’s more

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In recent times, the Android ecosystem has been plagued with several occurrences of malware. This has caused lots of panic among users. For instance, right after the Stagefright drama, people dropped their Android’s and switched to other platforms. Manufacturers sat up and started pushing security updates to fix the situation.


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In a new twist, Lookout (owners of Lookout Antivirus) have discovered a new strain of malware. This one is crazy. It automatically roots your phone, and pushes out endless ads to you. Who knows, it might also be uploading some of your data to servers elsewhere too.

In a blogpost, the company explained how this malware works. It is infused into regular apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Candy Crush etc, and they’re uploaded to 3rd party Android apps stores.

To add more salt to injury, the report says that these virus cannot be uninstalled or removed. The owner might have to end up buying another device entirely. As always, the best way is to play safe. Ensure to always download apps from Google Play Store. This greatly reduces your chances of contacting this virus.


  1. Shebi this malware is hidden in android apps. If the person can successfully disconnect from online then problem minimize. Ad won’t display.

    The problem is just: what’s a phone without internet connection

  2. I think Alphabet should rise up to the challenge of tackling these vulnerabilities especially if phone manufacturers fail to do their job of providing security to its customers.

    Alphabet should somehow enforce these guys to always release regular updates and security patches to fix this…else Android mag become a distant story. It is disheartening to heat that your phone is not always safe from security or privacy vulnerabilities.

  3. What of Alphabet itself, those Google people also harvest information about you without ya consent. I doubt if android will reach minimal security until android Z

  4. “To add more salt to injury”,,,”to add INSULT to injury” (Not tryna be part of the grammar police, but you’ve made that mistake a couple of times.)
    “right after the Stagefright drama, people dropped their Android’s” …I DON’T believe that. Not one bit. Elroy, you need to stop over-hyping this thing.
    Why would the average user who’s been enjoying his Android experience throw away his phone just because he’s heard of some malware scare? Seriously?

  5. I have some of these viruses sitting in my phone comfortably as system apps currently. I have got the Ghost Push (Timeservice)Trojan and Monkey Test and they won’t all leave, but can be managed. You can use Stubborn Trojan Killer from CM Security to fight them, then go ahead and use L2SD to freeze the ones that won’t go away.

    Truly, I almost threw away my phone after these malicious infestations. I won’t ever download an APK I’m not sure of again.

  6. Rooting has its dismerits and one of it is voiding phone warranty and exposing you to hackers

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