The BlackBerry Z30 is the first OS10 smartphone that I am actually using. I have found it to be a highly capable device, and the

BlackBerry joins the ranks of data guzzlers with OS10

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The BlackBerry Z30 is the first OS10 smartphone that I am actually using. I have found it to be a highly capable device, and the OS and UI very top-notch. OS10 is a breath of fresh air. But it has come at a cost: internet consumption. OS10 is a huge departure from BlackBerry’s traditional data efficiency. Forget about data compression here. Forget about lean and trim here. Say hello to data guzzling, 21st century style.

On an average day, without any app, audio or video downloads – just email, instant messaging and very minimal web browsing, I watch as 40MB disappears from my data bundle. That means in a month, I will be averaging nothing less than 1.2GB of data. Consider that this is with the above-described conservative usage. If I add app downloads and updates, as well as audio and video consumption, I would perhaps be looking at nothing less than 3GB of data monthly.

Simply put: with OS10, BlackBerry joins the ranks of data guzzlers like Android, iOS and Windows Phone. No shocks. It is a new world. Embrace it. Let go of the past and revel in wanton data guzzling. Life is good. Of course, this is bad news for those who got on the BlackBerry train because of low-cost internet subscriptions. The dedicated BB10 data plans offered by Nigerian networks are far removed from the price range of legacy BIS tariffs. But then, legacy BlackBerry devices are still being sold to cater for those who want that. As it is, there is something for everyone.


  1. We asked for it and yes! we got it. Its time to live with the reality of it.When BB10 devices were first launched, there were unconfirmed reports that the normal BIS subscription would not work on it. Me thinks this gave the Nigerian Telcos leverage to come up with dedicated BB10 plans. I stand to be corrected o, but i no sabi any other place outside of Nigeria that provides any dedicated BB10 plan.

    I know for sure that the normal BIS works perfectly on the Z10. In the words of Adam Zeis, culled from here, he states that:

    “The question has come up over and over (and over) again — do you need a BIS plan (aka BlackBerry data plan) from your carrier to use a BlackBerry 10 phone? The short answer is no, you don’t. You can use a standard data plan with BlackBerry 10 devices and everything will work just fine. Pre-BlackBerry 10 devices required a dedicated BlackBerry/BIS plan to get all features working – BBM, browser, email etc. On BlackBerry 10 however, you can just use the same smartphone data plan that works for iPhone or Android as well. There are a few catches here however. Yes, you can also use a dedicated blackBerry plan with no problem. That means a full-out BlackBerry data plan, no an individual feature plan. Plans that feature segmented data streams, like BBM/email only or “social plans” are currently no good on BlackBerry 10. So if you’re swapping over from another platform, BlackBerry 10 makes things easy in that you don’t even need to swap your data plan with your carrier. If you’re currently on a BlackBerry plan you are good to go as well.”

    So there was no need for BB10 plans in the first place.

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