Blackberry users are the least likely to upgrade their phones, do you agree?

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Reports from Kanter World Panel has just revealed some interesting statistics. Following the recent announcement of the iPhones, questions have been raised whether users will be willing to ditch their old phones for the new ones. In response to this, Apple launched a kind of trade in program to all users easily pick the new device and pay a certain fee monthly.


According to results of a research conducted in the US, the average US smartphone user hold unto their device for about 22 months before replacing it with a newer model.

  • The longest replacement cycles belongs to Blackberry users (32 months).
  • Apple’s average replacement cycle is 25 months.
  • The shortest cycle belongs to Nokia/Microsoft Lumia users (16 months).

This clearly tells us that Blackberry user hold onto their phones for longer periods. Personally, I’ll testify to this. There are 4 people on my BBM list (no names mentioned 🙂 ) that refused to let go of their Blackberry Bold 9900 (Bold 5). Had to beg, cajole and convince them to upgrade their devices. I haven’t even mentioned those that have deep love for the Blackberry keyboards.


  1. Being that Blackberrys are mostly used either by those in the business community and down here by the ones in search of cheap data plans,it makes sense that they hold unto it the most ;
    The businessman needs to secure his data and switching phones constantly is hardly the best way of safeguarding your privacy..
    For those of us in this Clime,many users simply use it as modems and backups for the cheap data and therefore not in a hurry to change..

  2. I beg to differ uncle Don, blackberry phones aren’t used down here by those in search of cheap data plans.

    Well, if I were to speak for myself, I would say I’m a fanboy because of the level of productivity their phones offer. And frankly, their phones are superb allrounders. So yea, blackberry owners here may hold on to their phones a lil longer but not really cos of cheap data plans.

    Two weeks ago, I wanted to move from the black passport to the silver edition. The only reason I paused was cos of data transfer and the hurdles of it. I have an IOS device and I dont sweat the data.

    Meanwhile, dont forget BB10 plans differ from Legacy BB plans. Cheap data plan is a bonus, not main reason.


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