BlackBerry Z30 Is Audio King: Whips HTC One And Samsung Galaxy S4

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Z30-lock screen

If you have followed my articles on the BlackBerry Z30, you must know by now how I am absolutely wowed by the its sound production. Awesome is the word. I have been longing to pitch the BlackBerry Z30 against the HTC One, especially in the audio department. Both of them pack stereo loudspeakers and a comparison would just be great. Till date, I have been unable to get my hands on the HTC One, but SuperSanusi over at TechSuplex has been able to – and has done a media comparison.

In the media comparison between the BlackBerry Z30, HTC One, and Samsung Galaxy S4, here is his conclusion about audio production:

The BlackBerry Z30’s “Natural Sound” is offers a great audio system as well, It can get loud, while offering crisp sound but the biggest noticeable feature it has is its amazing range. It is able to reproduce a wide range of sounds quite well, without over compensating any point.

.. the BlackBerry Z30’s audio system offers the best all round audio experience. From calls, to music to watching video.

There you have it: the BlackBerry Z30 is king of audio in the smartphone space – just as I suspected.

Being a media comparison, Sanusi also compared the display of the three devices. You should read the full comparison: BlackBerry Z30 vs HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy S4: Media Capability Shootout

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