BlackBerry Z30 trumps Samsung Galaxy Note II in battery life

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One of the first things that got my attention about the Z30 is that the battery inside it is a 2,880 mAh unit. I must not forget to add that it is non-removeable. But a 2,880 mAh battery is the largest I have seen in a device of its size. By way of comparison, here are the battery ratings of other devices:

– TECNO Phantom: 5-inch display; 2100mAh
– TECNO Phantom A+: 5-inch display; 2100 mAh
– HTC One: 4.7-inch display; 2300 mAh
– Sony Xperia Z: 5-inch display; 2330 mAh
– Samsung Galaxy S4: 5-inch display; 2600 mAh
BlackBerry Z30: 5-inch display; 2880 mAh
– Samsung Galaxy Note II: 5.5-inch display; 3100 mAh

BlackBerry Z30 Asha 501 Lumia 720

As you can see, among the devices listed above, only the Note II has a larger battery – and even that has a larger display. If you have been here a while, you will recall that I had nothing but praise for the battery performance of the Samsung Galaxy Note II. I know that there are other factors that impact battery life, but it is common knowledge that huge screens are a major consumer of juice on smartphones. That is why I have used screen sizes here. Another factor is processor rating. The Z30 has only a DualCore processor against the Galaxy Note II’s QuadCore CPU, so it has all the odds in its favour in terms of battery performance.

The Note II’s battery gave up at 10.12pm. Now, it was the Z30’s turn to withstand a full day of torture in my hands. Well, yesterday, the Z30 had its day in court.

What Went Down

I had the Z30 charged up to the 100% mark and unplugged it at 9.00am. For the rest of the day, besides brief intervals, it hardly left my hands. An active 3G-only (yes; the Z30 lets you peg network mode) connection powered email, browsing, app downloads, WhatsApp, BBM (including one BBM Group), WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. And because audio quality on the Z30 is so awesome, I played lots of music all through the day. I also watched a number of short videos. Bluetooth was on all through and used for file transfer a few times as well.

BlackBerry Z30 empty Battery

As at 7.52pm, the battery registered 41% power left. As at 12.02am this morning, the Z30 finally shut down. It had run for 15 hours, beating the Samsung Galaxy Note II’s 12 hours. Of course, my battery tests are not scientific. I would love to see GSM Arena run the Z30 through their more scientific tests. It would be nice to see how it fares on their tables. Meanwhile, as far as my own experience and phone usage is concerned, who would have thought that it would be a BlackBerry smartphone that would beat the Galaxy Note II’s record? Who would have thought?

Mobility’s New Battery Champ

Here is a smartphone that has a premium build, plays incredible audio quality, has the apps that I need, and has incredible battery life. I am sold. Absolutely.

Look out for more reviews of the BlackBerry Z30. For example, I am looking forward to doing a review of its camera. BlackBerry put a lot of work into the BB10 camera. I’d love to see how it performs against the Lumia 920 for example. Yes; exciting days ahead.

  1. Sounds like a great device. hmm.

    too much …too late.

    // who would have thought that
    it would be a BlackBerry
    smartphone that would beat
    the Galaxy Note II’s record?
    Who would have thought?//

    it’s like being surprised that a Nissan Micra 1.8 has better fuel consumption than a Camry 2.4.

    the BB has a smaller screen size, and a less ravenous should consume far less battery juice.

    but then, I’d rather associate with the living, and not the living dead.

    Unfortunately, we have another smouldering platform on our hands.

    are people still planning to make new blackberry apps now..?

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