The Nokia E71 is a phone that was released at a time when there existed in Nokia a dichotomy between enterprise and multimedia smartphones. The

Blast From The Past: the Nokia E71 Still Rocking

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nokia e71
The Nokia E71 is a phone that was released at a time when there existed in Nokia a dichotomy between enterprise and multimedia smartphones. The Nokia E71 belonged in the category of the E-series devices with the E tag standing for enterprise. Thankfully, today that dichotomy no longer exists. In my opinion, the distinction between those two categories was pointless.

It’s been three years since the release of the E71, and I am amazed at how much relevant it still is in today’s smartphone space. While the E71 has limitations due to lack of certain hardware and perhaps software present in today’s smartphones, you still will not feel very much left out carrying one around today.

My reason for saying this is really simple: much of what can be done with today’s smartphones can also be done with the E71. Period.

I have been carrying one around for a week now, and eish! It is delivering very well.

  1. This is still a very beautiful and very well built phone
  2. It is still enjoying support from the manufacturer.
  3. This guy takes care of all my social networking needs.
  4. I am able to edit and view office files on it, be they Word, Excel or Powerpoint. As a matter of fact, I am writing this article with the E71.
  5. With Joikuspot Premium installed, I am able to use it as wi-fi hotspot.
  6. This baby lets me use keyboard shortcuts when typing and editing documents.
  7. It’s got very impressive battery life.
  8. When it’s time to get my groove on, I launch the music player and blast away. Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the gist.
  9. While I won’t get the Nokia N8 picture quality from it, the 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus and LED flash manages to snap decent photos.
  10. I know I won’t be able to have an erotic conversation with the delectable lady Siri on the E71, but I am still able to initiate a call by telling my phone to call someone from my contact list using the voice command feature.

There you have it! Three years running, and the E71 is still rocking. That’s impressive.


  1. I still own an E71 and am totally happy with it,s I have other phone besides it like the N97 and 6220 classic which I miss it’s camera, but try as I may nothing comes close to the E71 is terms of the speed of typing instant messages, I now find other people slow at chatting with me.

    Just hope the new S40 phones would support multitasking nd maybe a windows phone device that has a good qwerty keypad.

  2. Great phone. E71. Thecrystal_clear display, snd the thinness were the greatest attraction for me – then.

    A friend bought it when it just came out.

    He has now used it to destruction! The keypad has started falling apart. He can not seem toget a goof replacement yet..the disadvantage of physicsl QWERTies!

    Got my Nokia 5800 weeks before his! Still using it!

    No QWERTY for me, thanks!

  3. I’ve bought Nokia E71 twice. i bought it last year & early this year.

    Two weeks ago, it was ran over by a car. I lost the screen. Fixed it a couple of day ago, and it’s working fine. Still working well, I just gave it out.

    I handle 3 emails with it, including my official emails, do my social networking, stream videos, use the Nokia map and so much more. I was never left out.

    It’s is still a winner 3 years and counting.

  4. I Have someone that wants to exchange an E71 with my one year old C5. But i don think its an upgrade, rather its a downgrade. E71 has qwerty and wifi and i’m not so freaked by both features anyway. I prefer C5’s faster processor, newer S60v3 FP2 UI, and faster 3G speeds! So no deal!

    Moreover 1year of customizing my phone! I cant loose it just like that oh lol

  5. I have had this phone for something like 3-4 years and it’s truly timeless!! It performs its core functionality better than any Android handset or iPhone. It also feels so wonderfully solidly built. Love it.

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