I wake up every day, get on my knees and pray to the gods of mobile, then grab my Lumia 930, dive into Settings, scroll

I am bored waiting for Lumia Denim update

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I wake up every day, get on my knees and pray to the gods of mobile, then grab my Lumia 930, dive into Settings, scroll down to Phone Update, and tap the “Check for updates” button. This is despite the fact that I have the phone set to automatically download updates when available. The phone connects to the server and returns the now boring message, “Your phone is up to date. Last checked a minute ago.”


WP your phone is up to date

My phone runs Lumia Cyan. I am waiting for the Lumia Denim update. Every day, I do that about 4 to 5 times daily. Yes; I know. People who act like this have issues. They need a life. They are addicts. Geeks. Need therapy. Need a job. Thank you. I agree too. Still…..


For some reason (and I think I can wager a guess, but it doesn’t matter), the guys in the budget range – I can specifically confirm 520, 630 and 720 – are getting the update already.


As you can see, I am so bored waiting for the update that I have to write a rant as a post. It is 15 minutes to 1am here now and I should be in bed now. I just checked my phone for the update 5 minutes ago. I shall check it one more time, shut down this laptop, and shut my eyes for the night.

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  2. Who’s got it on the 720 yet? Been checking that thing like it’s my Jamb result and stil getting same story. Meanwhie, there’s something confusing. I recently updated to Lumia Cyan (the same week Denim was pushed) and then when I checked Microsoft’s website for the regions that have Denim, I noticed that Nigeria was listed and 720 should be having it already.

    Now the confusion….

    The OS version I saw on Microsoft’s Website for Lumia Denim on the 720 ( 8.10.14219.341) is what is showing on my device currently. Yet, I am on Cyan according to Extras+Info. Damn! Like WTF!

    I’ll just keep checking for the good Lord’s miracle. Or I consult the gods of mobile as well *sigh*

  3. Been checking everyday too. But the funny thing is, the os version and firmware version of the supposed denim update as shown on Microsoft’s website is what I have on my phone yet it shows Cyan

  4. What’s more important guys, the correct version number and version name or the features and improvements that Chike come with the update? Maybe no real features are associated with the update but only something to quell the nerves of the Windows Phone fans otherwise the actual features should’ve been the issue here rather than the name and version number.

  5. Lol am in the same position am waiting for January 21 for windows 10 consumer preview for All devices.

  6. I got these from gsmarena “have u installed the preview for developers app and enabled it..? try disabling it.. u should see the Lumia Denim update”

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