Branding Matters: Innjoo, Injure, Inn-ju, IJ?

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InnJoo i1s

So far, so good with the Innjoo i1s. My first impressions of this low-cost smartphone have been good. I am impressed. Yes; there are a few weak points, as I shall highlight in a proper review, but the InnJoo i1s is a fine device

I do have one issue with it: the branding. When asked what phone I’m carrying though, I’m not sure how to pronounce “Innjoo”. Injure? Inn-ju?

Who came up with the name, InnJoo and why that? Perhaps it has a meaning in some other language besides English? Chinese? Indian? Arabic? Still, for English speakers, this is going to be a tough one.

From now on, if someone asks me about the lovely budget quad-core smartphone in my hand, I will just call it “IJ i1s”. Sounds waaaaay cooler. IJ.


  1. Perhaps It Has A Meaning In Some Other Language Besides English?
    Chinese? Indian? Arabic? Still, For English Speakers, This Is Going To Be A Tough One.

    Well, How About..

    Hi-yon-dei… Hyundai ?
    Schlumberger.. Shilom-bay-jay

    Doesn’t Look Like Those Tongue Twisting Names Have Stopped Them From Making Concentric Waves.

    What About International Acts With Just One Name..


    More Important Than The Brand Name, For Me, Is The Performance. Names Don’t Sustain Brands..But Performance Builds The Brand, No Matter The Name.


    A Nice Name!

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