Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! to ANDROID OS and all current users and fans. As for those who are still waiting to accept that Android is the

BRAVO! to Android. Find out Why Here

Android LogoBravo! Bravo! Bravo! to ANDROID OS and all current users and fans. As for those who are still waiting to accept that Android is the best OS, we’ll be ready to accept you as a fan once you decide. In a couple of “posts” from this, I will be reviewing some mobile phones and Tablets that run the Android OS.

Meanwhile, let me share a few reason why I doff my cap for the Great Android OS. I recently told my friends that “I can’t buy any smartphone if it doesn’t run on Android”. Find out why below:

  • It’s OpenSource: Android being opensource means that anyone (manufacturers or even you) who wants to use Android (for product development) doesn’t need any to pay for the usually expensive license fee from Google to further develop and customize it for his own use. The advantage of this is that the improvement and development of Android is open to “all”. Meanwhile, I am an Opensource person, anyway.
  • Android gives room for choice: Unlike our friends who use Blackberry, iTouch and many others. All these are strictly tied to the their makers (e.g. iOs runs on Apple products only, bbOS runs on RIM products only and many others. On the other hand, there are many phone manufacturers that power their smartphone and tablets with Android e.g. Samsung, Motorola, Sony, Huaiwei even Chinese phone makers (Chinko) – Expect an article on this soon. The advantage of this is that it gives room for Choice. Take for instance, I may not like phones made by a particular manufacturer due to some technical lapses on their part. I can easily switch to a better manufacturer and still enjoy my Great Android features as long as the new manufacturer has an android powered phone. (e.g. Mr. S dislike maker Y because their batteries do no last lnog…he then switches to maker Z and continues enjoying his android OS).
  • Great App Market: Due to the opensource status of Android, many developers are being encouraged to develop their apps and upload on the Android Market. This in turns mean more apps for users. As at April, 2011 there were there were 206,143 android apps with over 3Billion Downloads. The statistics have changed since then, though.
  • It enjoys great Support from the Great Google.
I’ve got many other reasons for saying yes to Android. I will limit it to the above because a handful of the other reasons are subject to the devices that offer them.
What are you still waiting for? Go get your ANDROID PHONE and start enjoying it’s awesome benefits.

  1. this is a post from an obvious Android fanboy. Whatever you say, you cannot bring some of us to embrace Android. I’ve long loved Symbian. But I love iDevices much more. Let’s see how you can push us to forsake our first love.

    For now, I’m in love with Anna. I’m waiting for the slithtest opportunity to abscond with Belle!

  2. Time to learn more about android i would say..bring it ON! Lets see but pls be fair..list the cons of android as u list the pros!

  3. Not convincing, bro! Not in the least.

    Open source: How many users want/ know how / care – to tinker with arcane codes?

    If you talk about choice/ variety/ diversity of hardware/software on the ROBOTIC platform, it is a good point – but’it NOT good enough to switch. No sir!

    Harry Echemco made the most articulate and convincing pitch for Andy, but if I switch, it would not be on the strength of the points he enunciated!

    Oluwatobi Soyombo, try harder!

  4. oluwatobi is not asking anyone to switch. he is just trying to celebrate his android and the various devices they run on. I think we can all just await what he has in stock for us and debate them intelligently as we have always done here.

    I use Android but will really love to read write-ups on other platforms like ios, bb & WP7. will like to know more about what makes them thick. Though I have used each before but not as extensive as Android.

    Oluwatobi, carry go please.

  5. Im a symbian fan and i’ve longed to hear from any android user about ther os experience…i’ve not really used latest version android and all articles i read dont really give me enough reason to go android way.

    Nokia os is not that stable as android with d way people profess. Later nokia phones have that problem minimised greatly. Meego os seems better. I need practical handling of other os to have a fair decision. I use c6, i have minor issues but i can access many functions i did not really find in the android phone i checked.

    I love symbian for now and i need more convincing facts about android

  6. Love the android platform and hoping to switch asap. Would love to read an article written by Eye.Bee.Kay cos he comes across as quite intelligent bt a lil too critical. Cheers

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