Bryte Study 3 Tablet is pre-installed with educational apps

Bryte Study 3 Tablet is a wi-fi-only, 7-inch tablet for educational purposes. It is pre-loaded with over 20 educational apps, e-books, and games, including Multiplication table, Verbal Reasoning, English Grammar, Phonetics, English Dictionary, and Nigerian States and Capital, among others.

Being Wi-Fi-only means that you cannot put a SIM card in it and will require a wireless hotspot for internet connectivity. This plastic Android tablet comes with a catchy jacket that children will love. The jacket also doubles as a tablet stand.

The Bryte Study 3 Tablet also offers parental controls, so you can keep restrict the activities of your children to age-appropriate content only and also monitor what your kids do on it.

The software, Android 6 Marshmallow, is not customised in any way, so it is a regular tablet set apart with the pre-installed educational mobile applications and content.

Bryte Study 3 Tablet Specifications and Price

Find below the full Bryte Study 3 Tablet specs, features, availability and price.

Wireless Network and Software







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