In choosing to buy a mobile phone or mobile computer (as I choose to call smartphones these days), a Manufacturers Warranty should be a very


Buying a phone with Warranty

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In choosing to buy a mobile phone or mobile computer (as I choose to call smartphones these days), a Manufacturers Warranty should be a very important consideration.


warrantyThe manufacturer’s warranty is your insurance that if something should good wrong with the device you purchased (usually within 12 months) the manufacturer will carry out any repairs needed, and where the device is beyond repair, a replacement will be issued.

Note that the warranty is only valid if the said fault is not as a result your carelessness or abuse. The warranty covers non-damages only.


Contrary to what some consumers would like to do, a manufacturer’s warranty is a guarantee from the manufacturer to you. It is not a guarantee from the retailer.

For example, if you purchase a phone from an i-Cell store, usually the i-Cell warranty specifies that you can fall back on i-Cell should the phone develop a fault. But if you purchase a Nokia phone with a manufacturer’s warranty from ABC Stores, should the phone develop a fault, you turn to Nokia; not ABC.


Please be sure to read your warranty terms, so you know exactly what to do should you need to fall back on it someday. Of course, at the point of purchase be sure to confirm that your purchase has an official warranty covering it.

There is no point venting at the retailer if the warranty terms do not specify that the retailer is a support channel. While as a consumer you may be aggrieved, your grievance is being channeled in the wrong direction if you do not follow the guidelines of the warranty. The retailer did good selling you a device covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. Now take up your case with the manufacturer or their appointed agents.

For information purposes, i-Cell provides warranty service on devices from Nokia, Sony Ericssson, HTC, Samsung and Motorola. Nokia also has its own care centres on ground. But be sure to check the warranty cards and pamphlets included in your sales package for details.


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  2. I have been trying to register as a forum member on my sony ericsson k510i without success. how do I in about it?

  3. Samuel,

    Registration for the forum is possible only on PC for now. Please register via PC and you can browse and post via mobile thereafter.

    Sorry, but it is the way WordPress works for now.

  4. Mr Yomi, I learnt of the importance of warranty about a year ago. I bought a Nokia 6120c for my wife as a birthday present. One of our more inquisitive kids somehow dropped it into water (probably to see how impermeable it is!). The phone started misbehaving!

    On getting to Nokia Care, Ikeja, they were able to discover, by merely copying from the phone, and typing some serial numbers into a computer, that my water-insoluble phone is not covered by Nokia Warranty! When I was buying the phone, warranty cover was the last thing on my mind. I only remember warranty issues when buying higher-ticket items like an LCD TV!

    Conclusively, although they agreed to work on the phone (bless them!), they said they have a higher and different repair tariff for phones that are not warranty-covered. Since then, I’m always in for warranty covered items (even non phones)!

  5. As regards registration on the Forum as a Member, I was able to do so successfully using my phone. I did so on my trusted Nokia 5800 XpressMusic (ahem..) using Opera Mini Version 5.0 Beta Browser.

    I wonder…

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