This cable will backup your phone while it charges

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It’s ideal for you to plug your phone to a power source, and allow it charge. On the other hand, have you thought about other things (like backing up your device) happening during that charging process ? This UK based startup, MEEM has just come up with such a solution.


The MEEM power cable automatically backs up the personal data on your phone (to itself), every time you charge your phone. Be it through a power adaptor, car charger, PC port or Power Bank. The cable literally acts as a storage device.

It doesn’t need a PC, or the cloud to work, and you don’t need to pay any fees. Best of all, if your phone is lost, stolen or damaged, or if you’re switching devices, this cable can help you transfer your data easily to your new phone. Cool right?


The cable is supported for Android and iOS, and it works exclusively with the free MEEM App available on the respective app stores. This power cable can also help you switch from a BlackBerry or Symbian handset to the Android platform.

MEEM is offered with either 16GB or 32GB of memory, and it will be priced at £49.99 and £69.99 respectively. Early backers should start getting their units by March 2016. More info on this cable can be found in the source link.


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  1. I have one problem. It’s a cable. And cables are prone to kinks and subsequently damage.

    Add to that its a Kickstarter campaign. I’ve looked at the website and the cable looks like any other with the the exceptionI’m not particularly filled with confidence about the product.

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