In the year 2016, we came to see great progress made in the field of self-driving cars. There is no letting up anytime soon. As

Car Technology: All roads lead to artificial intelligence

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In the year 2016, we came to see great progress made in the field of self-driving cars. There is no letting up anytime soon. As the world gradually gears towards automation and artificial intelligence, mostly inspired by mobile technology, car technology is not being left behind. As a matter of fact, it is at the forefront of the campaign.

2016 was the year Apple Car Play and Android Auto became more ubiquitous in cars. Android Auto has gotten much better after it was released as an app to work on all smartphones.

car technology - Current self-driving cars have a weakness

2016 was the year we saw a higher rollout of driverless vehicles around the world. There were raging battles against government restrictions and safety issues. But all progress is progress.

Tesla waxed strong in 2016 with their battery-powered cars. We also saw a surge in hybrids (cars that combine petrol or diesel engine and an electric motor) last year. A long list of driver-assisted features also made its way to many cars released last year. You see where this is going?

All of the above appear to converge on artificial intelligence.

Tech companies are taking greater interest in car technology. Don’t be surprised to see the likes of Google, Apple, or even Facebook, launch a car or something related to cars in 2017. Uber is not resting too. Last year, Uber commenced testing driver-less cars. I’ve heard whispers of a flying car coming from Uber too. Imagine that!! 🙂 . On the other hand, that may just be lots of smoke for now with little or no substance. After all we’ve been hearing of electric cars and the endless prediction of when they will go mainstream. This hasn’t happened yet.

Car companies are taking a greater interest in more than traditional car technology too. The most buoyant of them now have advanced research facilities that explore automation, artificial intelligence and related fields.

One thing is for sure: all of modern technology – from mobile to auto to home to industrial – seems to be converging towards greater automation. All roads lead to artificial intelligence, and car technology will is right on the bleeding edge of it.

These new changes might be difficult to take in at first. But I am excited about seeing the day we will have cars with no drivers in them on the streets of Lagos. Picture in your mind how LAWMA officials will react 😛 That will be some powerful stuff. What progress do you expect to see in car technology this year?

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