Mister Mo takes us on a walk down memory lane with the tech websites that made an impact on him as we join in celebrating

Celebrating GSMArena at 17: a walk down memory lane

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Mister Mo takes us on a walk down memory lane with the tech websites that made an impact on him as we join in celebrating GSMArena at 17.


It was just yesterday that I took a walk down memory lane to recall some of the great mobile technology websites that I cut my teeth on many years ago. Those sites include Esato Mobile Forums, MobileBurn, All About Symbian, and My-Symbian. While at it, it occurred to me how far MobilityArena has come. You see, if anybody had told me back in 2004 that I would one day run a website that is bigger than the above-listed technology websites….I would have asked, How?!

You see, Nigeria was barely on the mobile technology map at the time. GSM had just been introduced to the country three years before. I had just began to share tech stuff here and there. But here we are many years later and that little site created by an unknown Nigerian boy has grown big.


Sometimes, if you do not take a good look at how far you’ve come, you will underestimate your own achievements. But I digress.


Celebrating GSMArena

GSMArena is also one of the sites that has been an inspiration to me over the years. I woke up this morning to find that GSMArena turned 17 today. The site started in the year 2000 in the hey days of old mobile technology.


What is remarkable about this site is that it is European (there are not a lot of big European websites or brands left at the forefront of mobile technology) and it has successfully manoeuvred the transition from the old to the new – from feature phones, Nokia Communicators, Symbian, Pocket PCs and the like to the new age of Android, iPhones, smartwatches and the like.

Trust me, that transition is not an easy one to achieve. I know because MobilityArena had to pull it off too. GSMArena pulled it off awesomely well and is still recording over 50 million visits monthly till today. No; MobilityArena is not even close to being that big. But not only has GSMArena made the transition, it has kept on getting better.


happy birthday gsmarena


We have no ties with GSMArena. There has never been any formal (or informal) communications between the MobilityArena team and the GSMArena team, but we consider them our bigger brother. We celebrate them. The world is a better place, a more informed place, because of them.

I am thankful for Esato, MobileBurn, All About Symbian, My-Symbian, and GSMArena. I will forever be grateful for the foundation that I got from them. Join us in celebrating GSMArena at 17 today. We applaud its rich legacy and the inspiration and leadership that it provides till today.


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  2. Indeed…. GSMArena is a pioneer and a catalyst in the world of all things mobile. I used to and still go there…. In one of my online mining I found Mobility Nigeria in 2008… The spirit is good… When you celebrate others, you just set up your self for your own mega celebration.
    Congratulations at 17 GSMArena

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